Nothing beats a little relaxation after a hard workout. After a run in the park Tuesday, Christian and Heike Lochbihler of Aiken relax on a park bench under the...

Top coaches use free flights for relaxation

...still talks to recruits, watches film and does "all the things that we do" even when he's out of town. But there's a relaxation factor that comes with getting away to be with his wife and kids."It's just a time issue," said Saban, who logged...

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Big Brown's days are mostly rest, relaxation

...Walter Blum Jr. We should all be so lucky. The days after the biggest victory of his young life have been filled with rest, relaxation and all the oats, hay and peppermints he wants. Dutrow keeps a close eye on his sport's newest superstar, monitoring...

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Latest off-field issues frustrate Georgia AD

Greg McGarity's beach vacation last week didn't have as much rest and relaxation as the Georgia athletic director would have preferred."Let's just say it was frequently interrupted," he said Tuesday...

Ads touted cures for common ailments

...cholera, ashthmas, St. Vitis' dance, smallpox, epilepsy, depression or spirit, frightful dreams, all obstructions and relaxations. (Only 25 cents a box.)The common cure to many ailments was alcohol.But drinking also had its cures for sale."White...

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Augustans find place for playful relaxation at Pendleton King Park on Troupe Street

Pendleton King Park is improved and maintained by volunteers. Since the park opened in 1966, the foundation has raised money and received grants that allowed for development.

Simple tips can help improve vacation

If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad.? HerodotusVacation season is winding down, but if you still have one last trip to make before autumn...

Meditation's calming journey

...is not. When it comes to meditation, it's all about the relaxation. Practiced for centuries, meditation in recent years has...on breathing provides a natural object of meditation. The relaxation of your body follows as the mind settles down. As you focus...

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...outside. Coming Friday FASHION IN BRIEF YOU CAN BE STYLISH WHILE TRAVELING You're going on vacation because you need rest and relaxation - but you don't want to look as though you need it. Here are tips from Vu Nguyen, a stylist at Frederic Fekkai Salon...

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SUN SAFETY Young ones can practice yoga The strength, concentration and relaxation that can come from practicing yoga are just as beneficial to little bodies as big ones, but some of those complicated poses might...

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