Tackle fat, salt with healthier snack choices at party

As a registered dietitian, Sam Ellefson knows it is the little things that can add up...intake to 1,500 milligrams a day or less, said Cheryl Mehta, a registered dietitian with Diabetes Services at University Hospital."So if you eat...

Gastric bypass surgery requires life-long diet changes

As a registered dietitian, I read with interest the April 27 article pertaining to the...Michael C. Trust, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is a registered dietitian at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Augusta.),

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a diet disaster

...over 3,000 per meal," said Sam Ellefson, a registered dietitian with Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics...holiday responsibly, said Johanna Whisenhunt, a registered dietitian and clinical nutrition manager at Doctors."Just...

Alice Beveridge

...Gainesville GA. She was a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Clinical Health Nutrition and was a Registered Dietitian. She worked in many hospital settings and enjoyed making a difference for patients nutritionally. She also served...

Watch out for these health food fakers

...perception is that it is a healthy option. That is not always the case. As I was looking for some food fakers, a registered dietitian friend of mine came through and shared a couple examples along with some other options that are truly healthier...

Super Bowl party fare heavy on calories

...worth of calories in that one sitting," said the registered dietitian at Doctors Hospital.That kind of eating might be...you're probably full," said Andy Yurechko, a registered dietitian at Georgia Regents Medical Center. It can take...

New York supermarket combines gym with groceries

...YMCA, an associate from the health care provider to answer questions and enroll new customers, and a Hannaford-registered dietitian to offer advice on healthy eating."This is really a first step for people that have never felt that connection...

Coca-Cola to defend safety of aspartame in new ad

...is) 100 percent safe to use, it's still problematic from a nutrition standpoint," said Andy Bellatti, a registered dietitian based in Las Vegas who is critical of the food industry's marketing practices.Bellatti noted that foods and...

Five questions with Cynthia Catts

Cynthia Catts is a registered dietitian for a local private practice. WHAT IS HEALTHY EATING? Healthy...number of calories the person's body requires at rest. A registered dietitian can then create a balanced meal plan for optimum weight and...

Confused about eating healthfully?

...Brandeis, an Atlanta-based registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American...area. Any dietitian, any registered dietitian, can help a person personalize...Source: Rachel Brandeis, registered dietitian; U.S. Food and Drug Administration...

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