INVITATION FOR BIDS Sealed bids from Contractors licensed in the S...

...opened and read aloud for: Redcliffe Elementary School HVAC Renovations 22 Double...Menu and then click on "Redcliffe Elementary School HVAC Renovations" to view...January 5, 2016, at Redcliffe Elementary School located at 22 Double Springs...


...Ashley Smith , library. Redcliffe honors The following pupils have been named Good Citizens for January at Redcliffe Elementary School, Aiken: Erica Childers, Nate Thompson, Shanturia Stallings, Isabella Minolfo, Coddy Stoddard, Noria...


...Baylor Hanley , 11th grade. Good Citizens The following pupils have been named Good Citizens for December at Redcliffe Elementary School, Aiken: McKayla Ward, Emily Byrd, Michael Adams, Ethan Broome, Karla Sanchez, Raymond Moton and Caitlyn...

Redcliffe Elementary School Honors

The following pupils at Redcliffe Elementary School have been recognized: GOOD CITIZENS FOR OCTOBER Autumn Gattis , Haley Higgenbotton , Jacardo James , Isaiah Staley , Antonica...

Forum will focus on sex predators

...impart to parents Wednesday night at a forum at Redcliffe Elementary School on Atomic Road. "For too long, what we've...said. The forum will begin at 7 p.m. at Redcliffe Elementary School on Atomic Road. Reach Michelle Guffey at...


The following Aiken County teachers have been named Teachers of the Year for the 2008-09 school year for their schools:


...and second in the Cultural Singing category. School helps babies Rachel Creasy , a kindergarten teacher at Redcliffe Elementary School in Aiken, and a team of faculty and staff members raised $2,800 for the March of Dimes March for Babies...

Augusta State University
Puppet program provides reason to behave

AIKEN - Puppets keep discipline at Redcliffe Elementary School. Though Elmer, a football-headed blue cloth, might not rule with an iron fist, the desire to be part of the school's character...

Girl got an early start on being outstanding

...education. "I felt we had to start building her up. That encouragement paid off when Madeline became the only Redcliffe Elementary School pupil to have all A's from first through sixth grade. "This year was hard for me," Madeline said...

Students demonstrate robotics during program at library

...operating a remote-control car. "It was intense to maneuver," said Zane, a rising third-grader at Redcliffe Elementary School. "Turning was hard." Zane had the opportunity to control a VEX robot at the Nancy Carson Library on Thursday...

Aiken High School