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Questions and answers about Curiosity

PASADENA, Calif. - NASA's new robot rover named Curiosity landed safely late Sunday in a huge crater near the equator of Mars and will soon begin its scientific studies. This marks NASA's seventh landing on the red planet and is its 19th Mars mission, including those by orbiters and other spacecraft. Why Mars again? Click the headline for the answer to this and other questions about Curiosity.
Sixth-graders learn lesson direct from NASA center

...the images. "I learned a lot from the part on Mars," she said. Thomas Bedenbaugh, 11, was also interested in the Red Planet. "I had never seen the surface of Mars before," he said. Ms. Smith told the class that they could be the first...
'Constellation' shows off Huntsville, Ala.

...Saturn V rocket, a white beacon that stretches 363 feet into the Alabama sky. The fearless can take a mission to the red planet that suddenly turns into a ride on a Martian roller coaster, or head back in time by visiting historic homes, living-history...
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Few believe Mars meteorite contains traces of life in other Martian meteorites or a sample from the red planet. It has given the scientific community ideas about exactly...Eventually, another 4.5 billion-year-old piece of the red planet is going to be discovered. "Sooner or later we're...
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Rover Spirit reaches 'Home Plate' section of Mars

...Liberty. Scientists believe "Home Plate" - which stands about 6 feet high - holds important geologic clues to the Red Planet's past. So far, scientists say they are puzzled by what they have seen. Unlike other areas of Gusev Crater that...
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They're teaching science up on TV's planet Zula

...his scheme to take over the galaxy. But he waited until all of Earth's hotels were booked and had to settle for the red planet instead. "That's what happens when you make an evil plan at the last minute," his sidekick Traxie, who resembles...
Expert debunks e-mail on Mars' proximity

...For some reason, however, an e-mail incorrectly hyping this event has resurfaced, sparking local interest in the Red Planet. Dr. Senn said he began fielding phone calls about the e-mail in April. "We won't be as close as we were then...
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Best bets on the Net

...exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity that we sent to Mars in 2004. Review their discoveries and activities on the Red Planet at this site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Tsunami...
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News you can use semiformal. For more information, call 210-1144. MARS PROGRAM: The Dupont Planetarium will present Roving the Red Planet at 7 and 8 p.m. today, Saturday and Nov. 19 at the planetarium, 471 University Parkway, Aiken. The show will...
Researchers practice for possible Mars mission in Utah desert

...little bit of Utah seem more like the Red Planet. Six-member teams have spent weeks...DVDs, including two copies of "Red Planet" - a 2000 science fiction thriller...rovers, and use it to compare the Red Planet's landscape with the barren desert...
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