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At the Movies: 'Uptown Girls'

...gratuitously eccentric pet alternative to a dog - which, by the way, this movie is.) Ray, the daughter of a distant record company executive (Heather Locklear - blink and you'll miss her blinding blondness), lives an obsessively orderly life on...
Music is pianist's key to life

...while studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music. At the time, he imagined he would be a studio musician or a record company executive. From his dorm room he began writing commercial jingles. His side business wasn't especially popular at the...
Life & style
Rodney King, whose beating led to LA riots in 1992, dies at age 47

...figure in the riots, King was arrested several times, mostly for alcohol-related crimes. He later became a record company executive and a reality TV star, appearing on shows such as "Celebrity Rehab."In an interview earlier this year with...