FAA plan to lower building height limits near airports draws fire

...height of potentially thousands buildings near airports around the country ? a proposal that is drawing fire from real estate developers and members of Congress who say it will hurt property values.The Federal Aviation Administration proposal...

Church to move for inn

Real estate developers plan to build an 80-room Hampton Inn off Walton Way on a parcel occupied by Woodlawn Baptist Church. The three-acre tract...

Downtown Augusta rental space in high demand

...the nightlife, the parades, the Augusta Saturday Market, the fresh vegetables and cashews."Many area real estate developers and some downtown apartment dwellers say that Augusta's downtown real estate property, especially on Broad...

Colony Plaza gets local boost

...the corner of Peach Orchard and Windsor Spring roads near Bobby Jones Expressway, took on a new local owner and real estate developers in March. "That property is at the corner of Main and Main as far as south Augusta goes," said Willard Hogan...

Residents urge growth checks

...could destroy more historic structures and sites. With its rich history, McIntosh County has become popular with real estate developers as coastal Georgia undergoes a building boom. With an abundance of marsh- and riverfront property -- and no...

Reservoir-funding bill is approved by 2 votes

...Opponents warned that the bill would open a back door to transfers of water from one river basin to another and allow real-estate developers to use eminent-domain powers to condemn and take land from property owners for building lakeside resorts...

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Schools ahead of Census

...or moving to, we'd be in big trouble," Mr. Sullivan said. Unlike governmental agencies, businesses and real estate developers, schools have to track their pupil and parent populations on an almost constant basis. It's the only way...

Rants and Raves

...areas that the residents do not want it. We elected you to represent the homeowners, not Kroger and commercial real estate developers. PLEASE TELL THAT pompous gooberhead Dick Yarbrough that not everyone who mistrusts George W. Bush is a liberal...

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Pair challenge claims final time before vote

...Sanford did raise a new allegation Wednesday, claiming that Mr. Moore and his son both worked to help Texas real estate developers with legislation the governor vetoed. Mr. Moore "went over to the House side and spent a lot of time lobbying...

Analysis: New Atlanta mayor could court GOP

...also in fundraising. Many of the small contributions are coming from individuals. Ms. Borders is connected to real estate developers in the area, and Mr. Reed draws on ties he made to the black leadership when he was Ms. Franklin's campaign...