In CSRA, special week salutes contributions of nuclear science

...nuclear facilities; and engineers who design those nuclear facilities and the fuels that power them.THEN THERE ARE reactor operators who run nuclear power plants; scientists who study the effects of nuclear activities on the environment and others who develop...

Vogtle reactor operators learn newest nuclear technology

Plant Vogtle's new nuclear reactors will require a new generation of operators who are being trained at an unusual facility in Burke County.

Shutter mixed-oxide plant

...construction cost has ballooned at least threefold, so it is likely now to be far too expensive for commercial nuclear reactor operators to buy without subsidy. That means a continuing waste of money as we operate the plant at Savannah River Site...

For District 3: Ed Enoch

...disagreeable ? a quality that, alone, makes him an attractive choice for this commission. His experience as a nuclear reactor operator on a sub taught him how to be colorblind and responsible to a tight-knit community of submariners.He's bullish...

SC nuclear plant is first to go digital

...Any communication between the reactor operators and the system is heavily restricted...Oconee Nuclear Station's reactor operators have spent months training on...said Jeff Hekking, a senior reactor operator who helped test the new system...

Safety rules for reactors often eased

...to run less safely to prolong operations. As equipment has approached or violated safety limits, regulators and reactor operators have loosened or bent the rules.Last year, the NRC weakened the safety margin for acceptable radiation damage...

Cost savings proposed for MOX project at Savannah River Site

...ongoing concern about the MOX project has been the slow progress in securing agreements from commercial nuclear power reactor operators willing to use fuel rods made with plutonium.Tennessee Valley Authority, which today remains the most promising...

NRC questions failure rate of new Vogtle reactor operators

...Nuclear to explain why an unusually high number of reactor operators failed their initial licensing tests at Plant Vogtle...discuss corrective actions that could improve the reactor operator training programs and the passing rate on initial...

Turnover, flawed exams led to Plant Vogtle reactor licensee failures

...prepared licensing tests contributed to an unusually high failure rate last year among Plant Vogtle's 2011 class of reactor operators, according to company officials."We see this as an isolated case," said Tom Tynan, Southern Nuclear's Plant...

Plutonium disposal key to SRS future

...reactors is dangerous and unnecessary, because immobilization could be used to dispose of all the plutonium. "Whether reactor operators will accept the kind of fuel that is manufactured is not a settled question," said Arjun Makhijani, president...

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