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Deputies train to hone judgment in shooting situation

...shot Terry Ramsey when they responded to a call and found him threatening his wife with a knife to her throat. Capt. Ray Myers, who leads training for Richmond County deputies, said officers are trained to address a variety of violent situations...
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Not Dirty Harry, but close

...gun outside the shooting range. In the field, officers are much more serious about pulling the trigger, said Capt. Ray Myers, who supervises the range where deputies train. "You don't have somebody out there that's got the John Wayne syndrome...
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Training sharpens skills of law officers

...simulations give officers close to authentic experiences, it still cannot fully prepare them for the real thing, said Capt. Ray Myers of the sheriff's department. "Once you fire a round, it's yours forever," he said. "We just try to get the...
Safety officials see few difficulties

...buildings. Police officers and fire officials are patting one another on the back. "Happy New Year!" says Capt. Ray Myers of the police department. "I haven't seen ya since last year."
Y2K arrives in Augusta with few glitches

...their way to the roof of a building at 10th and Broad streets and began throwing objects down on the crowd, said Capt. Ray Myers of the Richmond County Sheriff's Department. "They'll probably be the first two of the new millennium to go to jail...
Salary inequities irk Augusta officials

...chief, $52,831 Carl Scott, fire operations deputy chief, $52,803 Heyward Johnson, transit director, $52,781 Ray Myers, captain sheriff's safety training range, $52,602 Richard Acree, central services director, $52,000 John McAdams...
Deputies have poor record

...killed. Richmond County sheriff's deputies must pass a 40-hour course in emergency vehicle operations, said Capt. Ray Myers, who heads training for Richmond County deputies. On July 1, 1997, new standards were implemented in Georgia requiring...
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Deputies get assault rifle training the need arises. "We don't want people to think we'll be pulling these out at just any time," said Capt. Ray Myers, who oversees training of all Richmond County deputies. "The only time the weapon will be brought out is if a suspect...
Decision to fire tough for police

...required to see a counselor following the incident to help them deal with the emotional burden of taking a life. Capt. Ray Myers, the officer who supervises training of all sheriff's deputies, said officers are trained to make a decision in seconds...
Kidney transplant goes well for deputy

...patrol car. "It's just a day of sadness. It's a day of happiness. It's hard to put into words," said Capt. Ray Myers, who works alongside Deputy James at the sheriff's office training facility. He spoke with his colleague about the...