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Police bookings

...conduct Darrell Jorie Campbell , 31, criminal domestic violence Erin Elizabeth Meagher , 19, disorderly conduct Derrick Ray Moseley , 28, simple larceny Frank David Allen , 26, disregarding stop sign, no South Carolina driver's license Clarence...
Book chronicles Mussolini's finale

The fall of Benito Mussolini, the Fascist dictator of Italy from 1922-1943, occurred in slow motion. And, as Ray Moseley shows in his book, "Mussolini: The Last 600 Days of Il Duce," the subject could fill several books because of its...
Concern over pope continues

ROME - Pope John Paul II always has regarded suffering as a way to obtain grace granted by God, so he does not complain when it comes his way. But the sufferings that seem to accompany advancing age have been so visible and prolonged for the pope as to raise questions about his ability to continue doing his job. Those concerns have not been dispelled by the successful removal last week of his inflamed appendix.