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New SRS technology helping close old facilities

...used to either confirm or dismiss various placement approaches which helps remove uncertainty in our planning," said Ray Hannah, Deputy Federal Project Director for the P Reactor project. The completed R Reactor facility model is made up of about...
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Incinerator reprieve

...still needs some fine tuning before getting a green light, so the U.S. Department of Energy, says program manager Ray Hannah, is asking DHEC regulators to let the nuclear weapons facility keep the waste incinerator on standby status beyond the...
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Time is sought for test

...the regulators about not forcing us to closure until we can actually demonstrate a new technology in the field," said Ray Hannah, a program manager for the U.S. Department of Energy at SRS. "It's probably not a good idea to close the Consolidated...
Department decides on how to decommission 4 reactors

...alternatives, from the no-action alternative all the way through in-situ to a complete removal alternative," said Ray Hannah, the decommissioning project manager for C, K, L and R reactors. The benefits of such a plan include stabilization...
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Mother-to-be makes ace at Cedar Creek

...Henry Jones. Savannah Lakes - Heidi Martin, No. 12, Monticello. - Bob McIntosh, No. 7, Tara. Cedar Creek - Ray Hannah, No. 5, 108 yards, sand wedge. Witnesses: Drew Grainger, Chuck Borup and Lewann Belton. Persimmon Hill - Marilyn...
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Across the region

...of Investigation's drug enforcement office in Canton arrested Tony Cauthon, 24, of Greenville, S.C.; Michael Ray Hannah, 37, of Greenville; and Stephen Mathew Martin, of Williamston, S.C. Lawyer argues killer was girlfriend's puppet...
SRS incinerator poses dilemma

...think that's enough time to make that decision," said Ray Hannah, a program manager for the Energy Department at SRS...strontium, cesium and other radioactive materials, said Ray Hannah, a program manager for the U.S. Department of Energy...
Aiken's Makin' lures crowd

...Annual Aiken's Makin' Arts and Crafts Show. "Riverdance doesn't have anything on them," said Aiken resident Ray Hannah, with a laugh. More than ten different acts stepped onto center stage under a hot sun to entertain masses of people...