Rappers: Rivalry become person one

...was a lot of bad blood between gangsta rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G...which they came. A war that threatens rappers on both coasts and the future of the recording...been a long, bitter feud between the two rappers, made public in their interviews and...

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Corporations find its risky dealing with rappers

...Corporations are quick to recruit rappers to sell their soft drinks...Creator over a video ad the rapper created that some deemed...Cashmere Agency, has helped rappers such as Snoop Dogg and...that, whether you're a rapper or performer, you push...

Will Smith wants rappers to recognize they're role models

...Tuesday night's BET Awards: Gangster rappers, meet the rest of the world. Smith told...someone had scrawled the name of slain rapper Tupac Shakur. "I was asking the kids...Bad Boys," "Independence Day") than rapper, the 36-year-old Smith maintains...

Crime might not pay after all for incarcerated rappers

...street criminals and rappers, says time behind bars may help boost a rapper's tough image but won't...respectable-selling rapper go platinum. Although...doesn't want his star rapper in prison, Dash is shrewd...play up. "Where some rappers glorify things they've...

Arab-American rappers find new voice

...homeland in the Middle East, Arab-American rappers are trying to find their own voice in...United States. Two of the Arab-American rappers, Omar Offendum and Ragtop of Los Angeles...anger about incidents like this, the two rappers reject violence as a solution for conflicts...

In France, rappers social commentators for riot-hit ghettos

...Like other French artists, rappers benefited from legislation...the United States, French rappers appeal as much to white rich...the word 'scum' is used by rappers. But it all depends on who...minister is as incongruous as a rapper using a pluperfect subjunctive...

Sharpton proposes ban on rappers involved with violence

...feud broke out involving the rapper and his former protege, The...violent dispute between the two rappers, who flaunt a gangsta image...nearly a decade ago; both rappers were shot to death in separate...Perhaps coincidentally, rapper Lil' Kim is on trial for perjury...

Black college women, sick of shakin' it, take aim at rappers

...students for a bone marrow registry. But the rapper canceled the appearance after hearing...made." Not all students agreed that rappers are to blame, or that the images were...message Spelman women have gotten from rappers and TV executives - if you don't like...

Rappers mix music, lesson in hard work

...of the entertainment business. A lot of the boys locked up at the south Augusta youth prison dream of becoming professional rappers, Juvenile Correctional Counselor Keith Antoine said, so the counselor, who spent 13 years working at a Columbus, Ga...

Muslim rappers combine beliefs with music

...mantra of women, cars and jewelry. Instead, the Chicago rapper uses his rhymes to dish out praise for Allah, criticize the...references to Islam vary in their music. But the list of Muslim rappers continues to grow. "Most of the people not popular in mainstream...

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