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Ralph Reed concedes to Casey Cagle

ATLANTA - Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed became the first election casualty in the Jack Abramoff scandal Tuesday as he conceded defeat in Georgia's Republican race for...
Ralph Reed won't seek Congress seat

ATLANTA - Former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed announced today he will not run for Congress in Georgia, saying he can do more to push a conservative agenda through his work...
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Party worker writes Ralph Reed the best pick for Ga. GOP chairman

...there was an inaccurate presentation of the views of Ralph Reed and his campaign. Allow me to set the record straight...Editor's note: The writer is communications director for Ralph Reed for Georgia Republican Party chairman.)
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Don't buy Ralph Reed's snake oil

Ralph Reed's recent expressed desire to form a Faith and Freedom Coalition to rally the Christians back to the Republican Party is once...
Stand for religious free speech

...investigations are currently on hold is because Lerner and her partisan lackeys targeted nonprofit Tea Party conservative groups.Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said the foundation's efforts specifically are trying to silence the...
Higher aspirations

ATLANTA - For two decades, Ralph Reed made his mark as a political operator by helping other candidates...of no-bid contracts for vendors. RALPH REEDSome facts about Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition and now...
Reed's future is questioned

ATLANTA - Before the last of Ralph Reed's campaign signs had been stripped from the swank hotel where he...Institution and professor at George Washington University. "And certainly Ralph Reed does."
Georgia GOP race heats up

...The entrance of national figure Ralph Reed into the race for Georgia Republican...minorities and moderates. "I think that Ralph Reed - I think his name, his involvement...advised in 1998 lost their races. "Ralph Reed's potential election would show...
Sheriff sent car to pick up Reed

...sheriff's department drove lieutenant governor candidate Ralph Reed from the airport to Savannah for Friday's St. Patrick's...It is particularly disappointing," he added, "that Ralph Reed chose to ask a uniformed deputy to waste time driving...
Party activist is no GOP extremist

...article, "Georgia GOP race heats up," suggesting Ralph Reed's election to state party chairman would harm Republicans...less taxation, and less bureaucracy. As state chairman Ralph Reed will be a strong leader. That's what the name-callers...
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