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Oil prices could cut into ethanol profits, but demand strong with federal biofuel mandate

...producers to deliver their product, Becker said.As it stands, much of the oil from that region is shipped in railroad tank cars, making it more expensive for ethanol companies to lease tank cars."There are a lot of pieces in the equation...
Railroad industry fights to shape safety rules

...for tighter safety rules.Billions of dollars are riding on how these rules are written, and lobbyists from the railroads, tank car manufacturers and the oil, ethanol and chemical industries have met 13 times since March with officials at the...
Across the area: Two groups battle halfway-house plan

...ORANGEBURG -- Hundreds of people were evacuated for several hours Tuesday while workers picked up an overturned railroad tank car containing a flammable liquid. There was no leak of the colorless liquid, isobutylene, from the car, either when...
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Some doubt states can block gun suits

...his point, Mr. Abel noted that a group of New Orleans residents won $3.4 billion in damages resulting from a railroad tank car fire in the late 1980s. The verdict held up despite the fact that, in the early 1990s, the legislature put severe...
A world of printing

...who buys his ink by the barrel, or so the saying goes. But at World Color's Augusta plant, they buy ink by the railroad tank car. Familiar to most Augustans as Ringier America, the plant was acquired in May by New York-based World Color...