Air traffic controllers for some airports are now miles away, watching the planes on camera

...tower. A regional air traffic control center clears private jets into the airspace and then pilots use an established radio frequency to negotiate the landing and takeoff order. That often leads to delays.Saab has built a system for Leesburg and...

City Ink: VIPs turn out to honor former sheriff Ronnie Strength

...Road. There wasn't even a restaurant there."And that's how it was when we started policing. There was one radio frequency. We would go to work on the midnight shift and not get a call. The radio would never go off. And the sheriff rode...

German retailer Metro AG to roll out 'smart' radio tags this year

...tracking system this fall, giving a boost to the radio-frequency identification technology that is aimed at streamlining...about 100 of its top suppliers would begin attaching radio frequency ID (RFID) chips to pallets and packages of goods...

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Smart mirrors boost sales

...Rebecca Minkoff's first two stores in New York and San Francisco are testing the new fitting room technology that uses radio frequency identification that embeds data in clothing tags. It will be rolling out the technology when it opens stores in Chicago...

Awesome! 'Lego Dimensions' combining bricks and franchises

...visually scan the bricks. Instead, the Lego figures and vehicles can be affixed to individually marked discs containing radio frequency identification technology that's transmitted to the reader.In a demonstration of Dimensions for The Associated...

Colorado preps for nation's first legal pot industry, activists hope the experiment will work

...DOJ's conditions.To stop the drug from getting smuggled out of state, regulators in both states are using a radio-frequency surveillance system developed to track pot from the greenhouses to the stores and have set low purchasing limits...

Carmakers offer 'keyless' autos

...required is that the driver carry a radio frequency ID - usually a fob or credit...car could be "in a severe RF (radio frequency) environment" that could affect...a parked vehicle without the radio frequency ID. "What we have seen is when...

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Packages with transmitters on the way

...envisioning the conveniences the new technology, called "radio frequency identification," will bring - even as others are...in Switzerland are also working on the technology. Radio frequency identification technology is not new. The tiny chips...

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Federal Aviation Administration to close 149 air traffic control towers

...takeoffs and landings among themselves over a shared radio frequency with no help from ground controllers. Those procedures...everybody seems to be doing the right thing on a crowded" radio frequency, he said.Pilots will have to do that on top of...

Tiny, cheap antenna developed

...onto the same chip, producing a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag...device called a reader emits radio frequency waves that energize the tag's...Antennas are used to gather this radio frequency energy. Pitt subsequently patented...

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