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Question time extends debate

...make a brief point without giving a longer speech. It's a method anyone who watches the British prime minister's Question Time on C-SPAN will be familiar with. "I think most of them are like lawyers in court," said Senate President Pro...
Regulators get task of shaping financial overhaul

...charge of setting the rules get plenty of discretion.Lawmakers and Obama administration officials confronted the question time and again, about when to be specific and prescriptive and when to give the regulators latitude.It's a delicate...
Newsweeklies have huge spike in circulation

...of weekly newsmagazines in today's media environment, latest newsstand circulation figures should resolve all questions: Time and Newsweek, both up 80 percent; U.S. News & World Report, up 42 percent. The figures, reported Friday by...
Ad or editorial? Line evolves in online world

...I personally don't believe that it's ambiguous, but I want to go beyond the point where there is any question." Time magazine ran into a problem earlier this month when readers of its Web site wondered whether Apple Computer Inc...
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Britain on the Cheap

...Parliament, you can sit in on debates for free. For a taste of true parliamentary banter, go to the prime minister's Question Time, which takes place Wednesdays when Parliament is in session. Only U.K. residents can get advance tickets, so...
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American Idol: Top 10 Night Live-Blog

...robotic" and "quite cold." He doesn't think she should have taken on such a huge song. Agreed.9:36 p.m.: Question time with Ryan: How do you create a moment? Lee Dewyze attempts an explaination, but it's hard to follow. Song choice...