'It's a never-ending fee'

...What's the need in 2020 going to be? Whatever City Public Works says it is, apparently.And therein lies the real menace...raising revenue without raising taxes, and you will see public works (funding) being shifted to other places."Governments...

Grovetown inmates begin public work in pink

On Jan. 19, a shipment of pink uniforms arrived for inmates at the Grovetown Detention Center. In the days since, Sgt. Cameron Brown has chaperoned detainees on two work details, which involves collecting litter on local roadways.

Falling oil prices raise alarm in North Dakota towns that invested in construction projects

...prices began to drop, falling to about $50 a barrel now.Leaders in the North Dakota Legislature have pledged to keep public-works improvements as a priority. Whether that's sustainable depends on how long oil prices stay down.Oil and gas revenue...

New mayor brings formal attitude

...records to risk management Monday to verify Pearson's findings.Departments that use GPS tracking include recreation, public works, utilities, and fire.Has anybody been checking up on any of them? Remember a few years ago, a meter reader was...

Commissioners make resolutions

...to further a push, under discussion by several commissioners, to "reconstitute the public works department" to address maintenance deficiencies.Public Works was dismantled several years ago and its maintenance functions were divided among Augusta's...

Fort Stewart replaces 468 trees honoring fallen soldiers

...memorial took pains to do the job with respect, said Ben Seacrist, who managed the project for the federal Department of Public Works. Because the entire site needed to be stripped bare to the dirt, workers took careful measurements of where the old...

Davis takes oath as new Augusta mayor

...Mary Davis, no relation to the mayor, said after the ceremony. "I agree with his vision for One Augusta."Former public works director Teresa Smith said it was a "beautiful ceremony" and she was encouraged by the "One Augusta concept," though...

Augusta Commission's Hallowe'en costume party to be wild affair

...watch candidates calling each other liars and crooks until they go mad.The ladies from the construction divisions of public works and utilities will operate a kissing booth, but business will be so slow, they'll wander over to the Fish Pond and...

Augusta's engineering director defends need for stormwater fee

...It's a never-ending fee," Brigham said. "It's a way of raising revenue without raising taxes, and you will see public works (funding) being shifted to other places."Kenny Echols, a former commission candidate and one of several hopefuls...

Columbia County sample ballot

...retirement of previously incurred general obligation debt of the county; (C) for the city of Grovetown: (I) public works vehicles and equipment, (II) public safety vehicles and equipment, (III) renovations and expansion of city facilities...