Column: New PSC appointee comes from the ranks

...trip to a seat on the state Public Service Commission was shorter than most. One...adjustment -- from unknown PSC staffer to one of five PSC members -- is going to take...the overwhelming reaction of PSC staff members hasn't been...

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PSC votes to restrict powers of chairman

...Georgia's Republican Public Service Commission members rejected the wishes...the powers of soon-to-be PSC Chairman Mac Barber, the body's...measures coming before the PSC. If a chairman didn't sign...does not sign an order, a new PSC vice chairman could do so...

PSC positions draw diverse candidates

...ATLANTA -- Two seats for the Public Service Commission have lured an odd mix of political...a monopoly regulated by the PSC until next month, when the...and James Cole, a former PSC staffer who was terminated...record," said Mr. Baker, the PSC chairman. "I think it will...

Baker for PSC

...Georgia ballot are races for the Public Service Commission. The PSC, which regulates everything...quantities, each having served on the PSC for many years, including stints...eccentricities included not cashing his PSC paychecks, and holding up a...

Ga. PSC races

The five-member Public Service Commission is one of the least known of...do their homework on the two PSC candidates running statewide...knowledge of a vast array of PSC issues. He has the ability...four years, especially as the PSC grappled with cutting-edge...

McDonald for PSC

...McDonald's main challenger in the non-partisan PSC race, with Michael Coles, the Democrat...it's easy to see the huge impact the PSC has on Georgians' pocketbooks -- and why...candidates be elected. By the way, one-time PSC staffer Cole was fired from his job for...

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PSC's 'Mr. Eccentric'

...four members of Georgia's Public Service Commission -- which regulates everything...will soon rotate into the PSC chairmanship. PSC member Bobby Baker says last...buried." In fact, last week PSC member Stan Wise threatened...

PSC shuns emission standards issue

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Public Service Commission is taking a pass on a request...hurting consumers' wallets. The PSC voted this week not to recommend...up funding. Last week, the PSC staff recommended a compromise...Harold Reheis dated Wednesday, PSC Chairman Stan Wise also expressed...

BellSouth, competitors take expansion hopes to PSC

...new pitch to the Georgia Public Service Commission to enter the long-distance market. The PSC began a weeklong hearing...year. BellSouth wants the PSC to recommend to federal...Carolina and Louisiana. The PSC, which rejected BellSouth's...

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Ga. PSC: Baker, McDonald

...The five-member Georgia Public Service Commission doesn't receive the publicity...and with distinction, as PSC chairman. Baker pledges...could ever become a serious PSC candidate. The race for the second PSC seat is non-partisan...

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