Senators to look into Public Safety Department

...considering whether to investigate the state Public Safety Department, South Carolina's largest law-enforcement...result of David Beasley's management of the Public Safety Department," Mr. Bryan said. Beasley spokesman Gary...

Board overseeing S.C. Public Safety Department has no work

COLUMBIA - The council that oversees the state Public Safety Department hasn't received any information from the agency since last October and its work before that cannot be found, the board's chairman...

Bottom line

...to jail uniforms, is pink the new orange? It is if you happen to get locked up in Grovetown.The Grovetown Public Safety Department recently switched to hot-pink for inmate uniforms, taking a cue from an unconventional Arizona sheriff who...

Grovetown inmates now wearing hot-pink uniforms

...inmates."It's our job to make sure they don't want to come back," said Jones, director of Grovetown's Public Safety Department.Jones took an uncommon approach to his goal this week when a shipment of hot-pink inmate uniforms arrived...

North Augusta public safety to add body cameras to uniform

...another tool at our disposal."On Monday, the North Augusta City Council voted unanimously to provide the public safety department with the $50,000 it needs to buy about 50 cameras and storage devices. Since it was a non-budgeted item...

Council needs Delaughter

...elsewhere and not here. I pray this is true. We cannot lose sight of how important a strong government and public safety department is to keep or city safe. We have never needed someone like Ronnie Delaughter more that we do now. He has the...

Schools' audit lists problems

...County Board of Education's Public Safety Department found several weapons either...the poor management of the Public Safety Department rests with its former director...Stein, who took over the Public Safety Department in February, was unaware...

Taxes' monitor audited

...COLUMBIA -- South Carolina's Public Safety Department let $5.8 million slip...raised about his department, Public Safety Department Chief of Staff Don Addy...and audit the tax for the Public Safety Department, auditors said. Insurance...

Agency certified by state

All Grovetown's public safety department needs now is the certificate...recommended approval of the public safety department's certification from the...will indeed be the first public safety department -- which has both police...

Up in flames

Sgt. Eddie Turner of the North Augusta Public Safety Department hoses down the roof of a home that was destroyed...Capt. Lee Wetherington of the North Augusta Public Safety Department said he didn't know how the fire started and...