South Carolina governor angers lawmakers with 'shower' comment

...in chamber that such insults are inappropriate and unhelpful to the debate process.People expect better of their public officials, "not name-calling, not middle school insults that serve no purpose," said Lucas, R-Hartsville, who received...

See what's developing

...large office operation in downtown will be a tremendous boost to downtown commerce. Hats off to the consortium of public officials and private business leaders who made it happen.And thanks, of course, to Unisys for having the vision to invest...

Take notice

...and future researchers and historians.Allowing governments to opt out of newspaper legal advertising is trusting public officials to police themselves ? something they generally have a poor record of doing. Some local officials recently interviewed...

Supporters try to reinforce SC's Freedom of Information Act

...highlights another problem ? the growing number of private e-mail addresses being used to conduct public business."If that is allowed to continue, the public is never going to know what their public officials are doing," Rogers said.

'He Who Should Be Named'

...permission.Yep. You read right. A public official seems to think he can bar a...in this country, especially public officials, can prevent his or her name...that, even in 2015, we have public officials who are either so ignorant of...

Protest warps kids' view

...is wrong!We older people were taught the laws of the land, and to believe in our courts, police officers and public officials. It requires an attorney in most cases to explain the law. Are all the community organizers' lawyers or pawns being...

Augusta lawmaker introduces 5 bills

...airplane pilots, motorists, divorced parents and public officials could all be getting relief from one of Rep. Earnest...clarify confusing wording in the law about whether public officials can accept a fee for giving speeches. One sentence...

For the record

...counts terroristic threatsOscar Neal Shine, 53, of the 500 block of 13th Street, attempted removal of a weapon from public official, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, a misdemeanor count of theft by shopliftingJonathan Spencer King, 34...

Rants & Raves

...I live, we don't have someone like Mr. Pittman or a group that is willing to ask hard questions and challenge public officials. I READ THE Rants & Raves and I find it to be really racial. I served in the Army around many races, but never...

Kirby: Out with the old, in with the new, again

...barrels to resemble mortars.There was racial tension, too.The Chronicle front page reports the arrest of two white public officials in Anderson, S.C., for their role in inciting a riot in which four black men were killed. Elsewhere, Georgia's...