Report: Ga. governments have weak nepotism rules

...current employee may be known, trusted and show more commitment, said Robert Jones, a Missouri State University psychology professor.But the process can be abused.A special grand jury in Clayton County cited unspecified examples last year of...

Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly acknowledges that he's gay for first time

...company's clout probably made it easier for Cook to take a stand, said Richard Zweigenhaft, a Guilford College psychology professor who co-wrote the book Diversity in the Power Elite."This is not going to help Apple, and it's not going...

It's boys' spatial skills that help them in math

...skills,"' said M. Beth Casey, a developmental psychology professor at Boston College and the report's lead author...involved in math test score differences, said psychology professor Julian C. Stanley, director of the Study of Mathematically...

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Defense: Father of slain baby was half a block away at time of shooting

...suspects in both the pastor's shooting and the baby's slaying were suggestive.Georgia State University cognitive psychology professor Heather Kleider said the photo lineup shown to West was suggestive because the men in the photos had distinctly...

Jurors hear from man who tipped police about toddler-shooting suspect

...hospital."She was so concerned with the baby she didn't even have concern for her leg," Krauss said.A psychology professor from Georgia State University testified about how witnesses are often mistaken about identifying attackers because...

Voice-operated dashboard technology still risky

...is that they often require more concentration than simply speaking to another person, said University of Utah psychology professor David Strayer, an expert on cognitive distraction and lead author of the study. Talking to a computer requires...

Augusta State University professor, students conduct survey to determine funnier gender

...age-old debate of whether men or women are funnier, the answer could lie in evolution.Augusta State University psychology professor Richard Topolski and four students conducted a study to determine the funnier gender ? men won.The group surveyed...

67-year-old to graduate from police academy

...professor is slated to graduate Tuesday from the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, Fla. UNO psychology professor Robert Woody will be the oldest person on record to graduate at the law enforcement school's police academy...

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Search for world's funniest joke finds a winner (but c'mon, is it really all that funny?)

...search for the world's funniest joke has produced a winner. In a yearlong experiment called LaughLab, a British psychology professor asked thousands of people around the world to rate the humor value of a list of jokes; they could also add their...

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Research looks at night driving

...has been studying night driving for 20 years. Psychology professor Rick Tyrrell has conducted more than 30 experiments...he said. Mr. Tyrrell and another Clemson psychology professor, Johnell Brooks, use a driving simulator to study...