Members wrestling shortfall of $19 million

...Department Director$102,737 Psychological Services DepartmentDirector$102...Eduation Coordinator$81,246 Psychological Services DepartmentSchool Psychologists Team II$80,926 Psychological Services DepartmentSchool Psychologist...

Cuts to child psychology services draw criticism

...than a plan to eliminate psychological services for children. "Some things...prosthetics, podiatry and psychological services. "We've been talking...department's recommendation to cut psychological services for children by $1.9...

Across the southeast

...that would help freshmen understand the importance of sleep. James Clack, Duke's director of counseling and psychological services, said the latest research shows that college-age people should be getting nine hours of sleep a night. Administrators...


...total health care expenditures of these companies, or about $24 billion annually. Research has shown that psychological services provided to employees can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and reduce disability claims, said the...

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School budget cuts by department

...Education$9,400 Employee Benefits -- Workers' Comp$9,400 Educational Media -- Technology$9,290 Psychological Services$8,675 Technology and Career Education$8,150 Accounting$5,117 Curriculum$3,455 Administrative...

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Richmond County central office contacts

...826-1119 Professional Learning - (706) 826-1117 Professional Standards and Practices - (706) 826-1120 Psychological Services - (706) 826-1131 Public Information - (706) 826-1118 Purchasing/Inventory Control - (706) 826-1121...

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Give credit to DFACS for good it does

...Where would indigent persons go to find financial intervention, food, shelter, transportation, child care and psychological services? There is no doubt that, as with all major agencies, there are ills that need urgent attention, and even...

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Study: 200,000 online porn compulsion

...director at the San Jose Marital and Sexuality Centre and Stanford's training coordinator for counseling and psychological services. The researchers found evidence that compulsives have more problems with relationships and jobs than Internet...

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Duke University encourages students to get more sleep

...can hurt academic performance and increase stress levels. James Clack, Duke's director of counseling and psychological services, said the latest research shows that college-age people should be getting nine hours of sleep a night...

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Child crushed by school bus

...Charles Nagle, an assistant school superintendent, said Tuesday night. "We've already been in touch with psychological services and we're going to coordinate with individual counselors to go over to the school." Mr. Nagle said after...