Aiken County Crime | The Augusta Chronicle

...DPS. Two Aiken men were sentenced in federal court, each on charges of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The prosecutor expects to make a second pitch to a Edgefield County grand jury for a felony indictment against a North Augusta public safety...

Georgia police chief who shot, paralyzed ex-wife indicted on misdemeanor charge

...indicted Wednesday on a misdemeanor reckless-conduct charge, a prosecutor said.Peachtree City Police Chief William McCollom called...he concluded the shooting could have been prevented.The prosecutor said McCollom told investigators he drank alcohol and took...

Aiken County Crime | The Augusta Chronicle

...Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 By Bianca Cain Johnson | Monday, Feb. 16, 2015 All articles about Aiken County Crime The prosecutor expects to make a second pitch to a Edgefield County grand jury for a felony indictment against a North Augusta public...

Black motorist's fatal shooting: Outcry over police tactics

...She's unrelated to the slain motorist.The U.S. Justice Depart ment is conducting a parallel investigation with a local prosecutor into whether there were civil rights violations in the killing of Walter Scott.The NAACP would like that expanded to a full...

Former North Augusta officer to face two criminal charges in fatal shooting

The prosecutor expects to make a second pitch to an Edgefield County grand jury for a felony indictment against a North Augusta public safety...

Prosecutor to seek misdemeanor charge, but no felony, against police chief who shot wife

ATLANTA - A prosecutor said Thursday that he plans to seek...shooting was an accident. But the prosecutor said it also could have been avoided...move the gun to the nightstand, the prosecutor said.City officials placed the former...

South Carolina attorney general dedicates special prosecutor to go after fraud in food stamp program

...federal officials, South Carolina's top prosecutor has set up a specialized unit in a pilot...Wilson's office began dedicating a prosecutor solely to prosecuting fraud within the...purchase anything," the Republican prosecutor said in a recent interview. "It could...

Federal prosecutor, ATF agent under investigation

A federal prosecutor and a federal agent are being investigated over allegations that they...Ippolito worked mainly in counties south of the Augusta area, the prosecutor was involved in one prosecution in the Augusta federal court, in...

Evidence of prior fatal crime can be used during murder suspect's trial

...Nash of the public defender's office countered that the prosecutor wanted the evidence included to attack Tiraboschi's character...not be admissible.Judge Daniel J. Craig sided with the prosecutor, ruling the evidence can be presented at trial.

Jonathan Taylor's accuser recants, is arrested

...stay in the game longer to show they're not giving a free pass because of the athlete's semi-celebrity status."The prosecutor is more likely to go the extra mile in speaking with the accuser or seeking out neighbors or other witnesses."The 6-foot-4...