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IRS reports on property seizures

...and at the use of enforcement statistics in evaluating IRS examiners. The agency reviewed 467 of about 10,000 property seizures nationwide in fiscal 1997. It found seizure to be warranted in 337 of the cases. But in 130 cases IRS agents...
Reprimands, reassignments follow IRS audits on improper quotas

...seizure or potential mistreatment of taxpayers," Rossotti has ordered a review of all open and recently closed IRS property seizures in the agency's 33 district offices and will require that higher-level managers approve future proposed seizures...
'Living Stones' of Christianity disappearing from Holy Land

...cracks. "Our situation is very sad and you want to cry." Israelis defend the intrusions, border closings and property seizures in the name of security. When terrorist acts are committed, Dr. Mor said, Palestinian Christians must be punished...
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A nuclear Venezuela?

...remotely paying attention to global politics.Venezuela is beset by inflation, power shortages, street violence and property seizures under Chavez's jackbooted socialism. Discontent is growing among its citizens.Now he wants to go nuclear? It...
Treasury secretary 'seriously disturbed' by IRS violations examples to support this perception," it said "the results nevertheless reflect a state of mind." Of 67 property seizures reviewed, 23 did not meet IRS procedural requirements or "could be viewed as inappropriate treatment of taxpayers...
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Additional business news

...Rossotti's first public initiative since he took over the agency Nov. 13. In 1996, the IRS made about 10,000 property seizures. Aspects of the agency's collection practices were strongly challenged during a series of Senate Finance Committee...
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