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When families break down 1990 report Putting Children First: A Progressive Family Policy for the 1990s , by the Democratic Progressive Policy Institute, is a landmark on the topic. The authors courageously reject the politically correct notion that "questions...
No Child Left Behind drives education debate

...said Andrew Rotherham, a former adviser to President Clinton. Rotherham now directs education policy at the Progressive Policy Institute, which is tied to centrist Democrats. As for the law itself, Bush largely talks of staying the course...
The debate over ID cards intensifies

...percent who backed the idea in a poll taken right after Sept. 11. Robert Atkinson, vice president of the Progressive Policy Institute, a Washington think tank associated with the Democratic Leadership Council, says that while Americans don't...
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Politicians promise fight over health care reform

...R-N.Y. -- face uncertain prospects this year. David Kendall, senior health policy analyst for the Progressive Policy Institute, is not optimistic. He said that in the politically charged atmosphere of an election year, Democrats might...
New Democrats say candidates must reclaim middle ground on issues

...Kerry, who is expected to push Dean in the Jan. 27 New Hampshire primary. Will Marshall, president of the Progressive Policy Institute, opened the conference by declaring "It's time for Democrats to switch from a strategy of avoidance to...
Republicans gear up for Hollings seat Sen. Hollings were bulwarks against the Republican Party," said Will Marshall, the president of the Progressive Policy Institute, the think tank for the moderate Democratic Leadership Council, which helped nurture the rise of former President...