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Why science should teach creation

...yet many mutations are not successful and the offspring are usually defective and die. Dr. Richard Dawkins, professor of zoology at Oxfprd University, was asked if he could give one example of a mutation or an evolutionary process that produced...
Scientists: Loss of key species can doom ecosystem

...species right away." Leibold and Amy Downing, a former graduate student at the university and now an assistant professor of zoology at Ohio Wesleyan University, used a stew of pond creatures transplanted into cattle drinking tubs to establish...
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Health News Capsules

...much. "Most people tend to think that frogs are pretty simplistic," said Thomas Hetherington, an Ohio State professor of zoology, "but when we looked at them closely we found them engaged in a long series of very subtle behaviors." Gene...
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Study finds amphibians declining worldwide

...for anyone who doesn't think there are some population declines for amphibians," said Andrew Blaustein, a professor of zoology at Oregon State University. The findings, published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature, were compiled...
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