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As girls grow, their leggings draw attention at school street corner gals, right? I mean, it's sweatshirts and comfy pants," says Juliet Bond, an author and professor of women's studies at a Chicago liberal arts college.Members of the advisory board say the dress code policy will be reviewed...
Sex and romance in old age

...drip of cultural cues that equate sexuality with youthful, thin, wrinkle-free bodies, says Marilyn Myerson, a professor of women's studies at the University of South Florida. "The most important sex organ is our brain," Myerson says...
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Food help for needy mothers increases

...especially food. "People with fewer resources are going to be hit the hardest," said DeAnna Messias, an associate professor of women's and gender studies and nursing at the University of South Carolina. "The cost of food has gone up. The cost...
Film challenges taboo of full-frontal male nudity

...Only actresses with great clout such as Julia Roberts can insist on a no-nudity clause. Elayne Rapping, a professor of women's studies and media studies at the State University of New York, Buffalo, said it's such as it ever was: You...
New study questions fairy tales' preoccupation with beauty

...according to a new study by Purdue University sociologist Liz Grauerholz and Lori Baker-Sperry, an assistant professor of women's studies at Western Illinois University. Grauerholz and Baker-Sperry examined 168 Brothers Grimm fairy tales...
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