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Study: Alcohol interferes with male partnering

It sounds like an old cliche but it is true: After a bout of drinking together, males are less interested in pairing back up with their partner while females are more strongly attracted to their mate, at least in an animal model of human behavior.
More than 1 million in Georiga underinsured

In Georgia, the 1.8 million uninsured were joined by slightly more than a million underinsured in 2012, the Commonwealth Fund report found.
Study: whooping cough shot curbs illness, not spread

ATLANTA - A government study suggests that while the vaccine may keep people from getting sick, it doesn't prevent them from spreading whooping cough to others.
Once infertile, woman gives birth after surgery

A 30-year-old infertile woman gave birth after surgeons removed her ovaries and re-implanted tissue they treated in a lab, researchers report.
Discovery could lead to new sleep treatments

Effect of gene mutation could lead to new sleep treatments
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MCG studies protein-blocker with potential to control damaging inflammation

Blocking a common protein could help in fighting cancer, viral infections and precursors to heart disease, researchers are finding.
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Can kids' brains be trained to pay attention?

WASHINGTON - The use of special computer games to train their brains improved healthy youngsters' ability to pay attention, scientists reported Monday.
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Different brain responses found in homosexual, heterosexual men

WASHINGTON - The brains of homosexual men respond more like those of women when reacting to a chemical derived from the male sex hormone, new evidence of physical differences related to sexual orientation.
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Warming climate reduces yield for rice, one of world's most important crops

WASHINGTON -- Global warming could mean bad news for one of the world's most important crops, rice.
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Even marine reserves, which are supposed to protect fish, apparently cannot save them when coral reefs start to decline.
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