Child rapist stalked many, left mysteries, FBI says

...investigators Coniglio had asked about a week earlier for an hour of privacy in their cell in the evening, right after prison guards usually finished a round of checks. O'Berry wrote in his report that video from the jail shows a guard did not make...

3 Georgia agencies have jobs to fill

...reforms that freed up money, and a crisis or two that forced leaders' hands.The Department of Cor rec tions is hiring prison guards. The Department of Juvenile Justice needs corrections officers and the Department of Family and Children Ser vices...

Former Augusta State Medical Prison guard guilty of smuggling drugs

A former guard at Augusta State Medical Prison pleaded guilty Wednesday to smuggling drugs to inmates.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a symbol of racial injustice, dies at 76

...the testimony of thieves Alfred Bello and Arthur Bradley resulted in a conviction in June 1967.Carter defied his prison guards from the first day of his incarceration, spending time in solitary confinement because of it."When I walked into...

Guilty plea in SC prison guard plot

COLUMBIA - An Orangeburg man has admitted conspiring to kill a prison guard in a hit orchestrated by an inmate on an illegal cellphone.U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles says 30-year-old Sean Echols pleaded...

Civil rights project seeks truth about inmate's death

The son of a Richmond County Stockade inmate who was severely beaten ? and to many, murdered ? by a prison guard 65 years ago said an apology from the State of Georgia would help him find peace in his father's death."The thing that...

Across Georgia

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA. - An inmate has sued the state Department of Corrections, saying prison guards violated his rights by forcing him to cut his dreadlocks.Georgia prisons require inmates to keep their hair shorter than 3 inches...

Women tackle tough job of guarding prisoners

...amounted to a career that she said she's come to love.More and more women are entering the professions of jailer and prison guard.At a little more than 5 feet tall, most of the jail's male inmates tower over correctional officer Jamie Ray...

Former prison guard pleads guilty to smuggling phones, cigarettes

...A judge agreed to give a former prison guard who smuggled in cellphones and...that what she did endangered other prison guards. Inmates now know they can manipulate...indirectly led to the death of a prison guard this year, Craig said.No circumstance...

Time with dogs is better than vacation time

...naturally, both want what's in the other's bowl, so you have to watch them when they eat like the gruff, old prison guard in one of those 1940 gangster movies.They've both got multiple allergies, mystery ailments and human expectations...