Kirby: Longtime newspaper executive had a respected knack for leadership

...experience that involved the fast-moving, heavy machinery of a printing press with the human limits of the men and women trying to harness...important, what dangers to avoid ? just like handling a printing press. Such insights even spread to the newsroom side of our...

Edward Skinner

...and the newspaper industry through the innovation of offset printing and into the computerized world has died at the age of 86...cycle" (morning and afternoon) operation to move to offset printing. In the early 1980s, the Augusta newspapers developed the...

Decorate using pieces from the past

...Makes prints begin with a simple sheet of burlap ? a fabric as textured as the lives her clients seek to commemorate. By printing their names and meaningful dates (births, marriages, etc.) in stark black on the pale brown burlap, she creates a frame-able...

Shopgirl: Printing limited for latest Seuss

...Random House, Seuss' publisher, had not released a Seuss work since Oh! The Places You'll Go in 1990. The initial printing of this latest work was just one million copies, so it's not impossible that this book will wind up being somewhat of a...

Finding job not easy for those with criminal past

...for about five months as he comes up on his parole date. Most of his work takes place in the production warehouse, screen printing T-shirts.Huckabee described Carrillo as a model employee and would love to keep him on staff, but Carrillo is returning...

Richmond County Board of Education to outsource printing of customized math textbooks

...Board of Education approved outsourcing the printing of customized math textbooks Tuesday, saying that using an outside printing company would help take the strain off the school system's printing house.Comptroller Gene Spires recommended...

Shopgirl: Amazon's 3D printing is amazing

WHAT'S NEW3D printing is becoming more and more accessible, but most...give us everything, has recently opened its 3D Printing Store to provide for any and all of your 3D printing needs, and you'll be amazed at the level of customization...

Printing company reports lower profit

Wisconsin-based printing company Quad/Graphics Inc. reported quarterly earnings of $13 million Wednesday.Quad/Graphics has a printing facility in Evans.Its earnings for the third quarter were lower than the $39.8 million reported...

Paper shortage limits SC death certificates

...awarded a new contract for certificate paper on July 14 and will begin processing back orders soon. The state's death certificates are created on security paper that uses an anti-counterfeiting printing technique also used on currency.

16th century harpsichord has history worth noting

...recording project, including travel to and from South Dakota, professional engineering, as well as the booklet design and printing of the CD, which will be released in January on Carpe Diem Records distributed by Naxos.All tracks will also be available...