Economist's poverty research earns Nobel

...in India. How poor countries treat young girls. The link between income inequality and economic growth.The Princeton University economist's research has raised doubts about sweeping solutions to poverty and about the effectiveness of aid...

Augusta-born Bernanke, in new memoir, recalls Lehman's 'surreal' failure

...The book, tracing Bernanke's life from his small-town roots in Dillon, South Carolina, to Harvard and Princeton universities to chairman of the Fed, reveals:- Growing up in Dillon, the son of the town's druggist, Bernanke describes...

Direct disposal is better solution for South Carolina's plutonium problem

...scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists' Global Security Program; and a senior research physicist at Princeton University. Dr. von Hippel also worked in the Clinton White House coordinating an examination of U.S. plutonium disposal...

UGA ranked No. 8 'party school'

...high regard for each of the 380 schools," said publisher Robert Franek, whose review is not affiliated with Princeton University. "The University of Illinois, it is an exceptional school."

Project to track coyotes in three states

...we just log in and we can view the location over the previous three days for all of our coyotes," he said.At Princeton University, tissue from collared coyotes will undergo genetic testing and analysis that could further refine data on migration...

Second enrollment period for health care coverage begins Nov. 15

...Howard, the director of the State Health Reform Assistance Network and a lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University.Those were people who were motivated to get the coverage, she said during a Webcast for the Association of Health...

'Party School' ranking drops UGA to 15th

...before dropping out of the top 10 last year.The Princeton Review, a test preparation company not affiliated with Princeton University, ranks colleges annually in a number of categories from the quality of campus food to Greek life to campus health...

The Artside: Deadlines approaching to enter best photographs, more

...different every day, so the drawing project varies too," she said.Hollingsworth holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and the M.F.A. from Indiana University. Her work includes sculptures, installations and ceramic vessels...

Scandal, sex, post-it art: Censorship accusations as Google cuts search results in Europe

...the magnitude of this is," cautioned Joel Reidenberg of Fordham University, currently a visiting professor at Princeton University. "Google may be choosing to go overboard to essentially create a debate about censorship."The purge of search...

Home shows life of leader during WWI

...minister. Wilson was a lawyer with a doctorate in history and political science; he served as the president of Princeton University and governor of New Jersey before winning the presidency. His first wife, Ellen, mother of their three daughters...