Children go trick-or-treating at Richmond County Sheriff's Office

Superheroes, vampires, princesses and ninja turtles on Thursday got an inside look at the cobweb-covered walls of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office for Halloween...

Wage-ing war

...fail, and they got exactly what they wanted ? the chance to play liberal Luke Skywalkers fighting to protect America's Princess Leias from evil Darth Vader Republicans.Expect to see Wage Wars: Attack of the Clones in theaters once more before the election...

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Q&A: Nicole Kidman keeping it real in latest roles

...debut this year, including such disparate turns as a taxidermist villainess, mysterious amnesiac and an actress-turned-princess, Nicole Kidman will again become a familiar face in theaters.While maintaining a steady presence in Hollywood for more than...

Children will find magic in 'Enchanted Well'

Princes and princesses, a magician and a happy ending are the stuff Storyland Theatre is...may meet the cast. The troupe's final show of the season, The Princess and The Pea, will be staged April 1-5. Call 736-3455. ON STAGE...

British singer Bedingfield sneaks up the chart

With all the former pop princesses spending more time in the tabloids than on the charts (Britney trying to tame Kevin, Christina celebrating a new marriage, Jessica...

Going back to 'Basics', Aguilera demonstrates musical maturity

Too often lumped with the pop princesses who emerged in the late 1990s, Christina Aguilera's career has been marked by a powerful, emotive voice hobbled by poor song...

Mormons put genealogy data online

SALT LAKE CITY -- Did your ancestors include pioneers or immigrants, villains or soldiers, princesses or tailors? A Web site that officially kicks off Monday and offers access to the largest collection of genealogical data in the...

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Rage tones it down for latest offering

Let's take a step away from boy bands. Let's take a step away from teeny-bop princesses. Let's take a step away from Latin-pop kings. Let's break away from conformity to society as we know it. There we'll...

Islam's prophet hits the silver screen

...YORK - Forget about dancing genies, buxom harem girls and dashing heroes in mythical Arab lands bent on saving ravishing princesses. In this animated movie, the issue is one of divine love, devotion and a struggle for God. But "Muhammad: The Last Prophet...