'Princes of Malibu' star files for divorce

...Linda Thompson, who stars in the Fox reality show "The Princes of Malibu," has filed for divorce from her husband and co-star...life is not to be confused with art or entertainment." "The Princes of Malibu" follows the lives of Thompson's 21-year-old...

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Parents angered by children's book about gay princes

...wife, Tonya, couldn't believe it when Prince Bertie, the leading character in "King & King," waves off a bevy of eligible princes before falling for Prince Lee. The book ends with the princes marrying and sharing a kiss. "I was...

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William and Harry admit to taste for 'American Idol'

LONDON - Princes William and Harry have...broadcast Saturday, Prince Charles, Prince William...the anniversary of The Prince's Trust. Scheduled...Richie. On the Net: The Prince's Trust: www.princes-trust.org.uk

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Was Richard III scapegoat in murders?

...rumors had circulated that two young princes - one of them heir to the throne - had...Duke of Gloucester at the time - had the princes killed and seized the throne. It seems...yet never mentioned the murder of the princes in the tower. It wasn't until 20 years...

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Children will find magic in 'Enchanted Well'

Princes and princesses, a magician and a happy ending are the stuff Storyland Theatre is made of. Tuesday, the children's theater...

Hot ticket

THE FLAMING LIPS Appearing with Big Star, De La Soul, The Gourds, The Moaners and American Princes WHEN: Noon to 10 p.m. Sunday WHERE: Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta COST: Free, 21 and older concert BEST KNOWN FOR...

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Cardinals stream toward Vatican carrying ancient power to select next pontiff

VATICAN CITY - From every corner of the world, the red-robed "princes" of the Roman Catholic Church headed toward the Vatican on Saturday to be near Pope John Paul II and prepare for the secret duty...

Frog jump participants take a leap

SPRINGFIELD, S.C. -- Whether they were called Big Foot or Jumper, Super Fly or Hoppy, the green princes-in-waiting were out in force at the 33rd annual Governor's Frog Jump and International Egg Strike Contest. In all, 200...

Sizzling sport: Technology ushers in a golden age

...camel racing in the Middle East, where high technology and lucrative purses have revived the age-old sport of kings and princes."I love the excitement and competitive edge, especially if it's to my advantage," said Naif Mohssen al-Shawani...

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Elephants, pooper-scoopers take to polo field

...The hugely entertaining, esoteric and expanding sport of elephant polo. Although the game's roots go back to the Mogul princes of 18th century India, man and pachyderm began playing it as an organized sport in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal in 1982...

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