The unchanging face of terror

...before storming Parliament, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was scheduled to honor...bomb Parliament and behead the prime minister. That plot was foiled by Canadian...Canada will not be intimidated," Prime Minister Harper said after Wednesday's...

IOC seeks bidders for 2024 Summer Games

...the timing and symbolism would be strong. But the city's commitment to the Games has been called into question by Prime Minister Manuel Valls' endorsement of a Paris candidacy for the 2025 World Expo. Officials said they could do both and are...

Drone stirs up political tension in Serbia

...officials even accused the Albanian prime minister's brother, Olsi Rama, of...flares at the field.Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said the drone...week's planned visit by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to Belgrade, the first...

Cut off U.N. freeloaders

Having just watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before the United Nations, I was amazed at the few diplomats actually being present for this important...

Oslo becomes latest city to drop bid for 2022 Winter Olympics

...against the bid four months ago, and polls have shown that more than 50 percent of Norwegians are opposed to the bid.Prime Minister Erna Solberg said there was not enough support to spend 35 billion kroner ($5.4 billion) on the Olympics...

Across South Carolina

...Governor will meet with India's premierCOLUMBIA - Gov. Nikki Haley is in New York this weekend to meet with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Haley's office said Friday that the governor will be joined by her husband and her parents, who...

Scots reject independence in historic vote

...building their own country.The result saves British Prime Minister David Cameron from a historic defeat and also helps...in 2015 without that support from Scotland.Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a Scot, returned to prominence with...

Look at Obama's actions

...and defenses as any other U.S. citizen.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not trust Obama. The group...speeches, which ideology do you suppose Israel's prime minister believes our president adheres to?

Same enemy, different criticism

...indeed, condemned ? by some in this very country ? for defending itself against the terrorists of Hamas.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently stripped that hypocrisy bare in a brilliant take-down of radical Islam, in a speech...

Districts in Florida, Georgia split school prize

...U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan named the winners, and the ceremony included a speech by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.Gwinnett and Orange counties were the only two finalists picked from a pool of 75 eligible districts...