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Genetic testing changes breast cancer focus

...tumors becomes more routine and therapies are targeted at specific molecular traits in the tumor, the location of the primary tumor becomes less important, said Rixe, the director of the experimental therapeutics program at Georgia Health Scien...
Across the area

...Aiken County Common Pleas Court. She said she had a lumpectomy on her left breast Dec. 15, when doctors took out the primary tumor and a lymph node. Doctors were to test the node to see if the cancer had spread, the lawsuit states. But Ms. Stokes...
New protein attacks cancer's blood supply

...studying a curious thing about small cell lung cancer. When patients with this cancer are treated with radiation, the primary tumor is suppressed, but very often the patient then develops cancer at another site, said O'Reilly. The new cancer...
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Experimental cancer drug administered with altered gene

...Tuesday. The researchers reported that the gene, contained in a modified virus, "was shown to dramatically inhibit primary tumor growth" in laboratory mice that had been injected with both rat and human cancers. Two drugs, angiostatin and endostatin...
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Technology guides better lung biopsy

...presenting as cancer," Bissell was told. "And it didn't start there," meaning they were likely metastases from a primary tumor elsewhere.But Bissell opted to get a lung biopsy at Doctors Hospital using new technology that helped him avoid surgery...
Tumors may build pipelines to spread

...vessels inside tumors grown in mice could be a first step toward preventing the deadly spread of cancer cells from primary tumors. "We have identified a mechanism of breast cancer metastasis. I wouldn't say it's the mechanism, because there...
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