You Remembered: Sacred Heart

...children as well as "wee ones" carried fresh flowers and wore white dresses to the festive occasion. Many of the Jesuit priests who served Sacred Heart for so many years would come over to the school and play basketball with the students at lunchtime...

'Spotlight' illuminates Boston clergy's abuse scandal and its exposure

...including Law ? knew priests were abusing children...who was abused by a priest when he was 11...stories about abusive priests but had not delved...John Geoghan, a priest accused of abusing...documents, including priest personnel files containing...allegations against priests and who in the church...

The Way We Were: Sacred Heart

...Mass was held in late 1874, and Sacred Heart Academy was established two years later by the Jesuits, the Catholic order of priests with a focus on education.They aggressively took on the challenge of constructing a beautiful, cathedral-inspired church...

Wine Time: Priest Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 and Coachgun 2009, Napa Valley

...would spend more than $25 on one.The Priest Ranch Cab is a good answer to that question...bottled unfiltered.I also tried the Priest Ranch signature 2009 Coachgun blend...some aging.You are more likely to find Priest Ranch wines in a restaurant than in a...

Faith on their sleeves: Episcopal vestments have practical origins

...of vestments takes the focus off of the priests' individual modes of dress and puts the...shoulders and straight down the front by priests. Deacons wear them over the left shoulder...churches, the altar cloth matches the priest's chasuble. CROSS: The last item Taylor...

Ironman of the Day: Father Richard Sutter

...High School chaplain, Roman Catholic priest-in-residence at St. Mary on the Hill...in seminary and another six years as a priest, making consistent training difficult...morning wake-ups," he said. "As a priest, I have some more responsibilities...

Longtime Savannah couple dies just hours apart

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- When the priest was giving last rites to JoJo McLaughlin at Hospice Savannah during Labor Day week, her husband Jimmy told him that he needed...

The Rev. Jerry Ragan named head of national fraternity of priests

...group of five to seven priests that get together on...on the life of French priest Charles de Foucauld...hoping to encourage other priests to join him, but no...Ragan was ordained a priest in 1979 and has served...fraternity to encourage new priests to join."I'm overwhelmed...

Barely there gowns hit bridal styles

...backs of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez and made their way to weddings.What about scandalizing your grandmother, priest or old Uncle Harry? Can you look good on your big day while quenching your thirst for trends and appeasing the more demure...

Remembering is central to faith, worship, Communion

...remembering God's story, an interesting evolutionary process occurs. Through the power of that remembering (anamnesis) we become the story. THE REV. JOE BOWDEN IS THE ASSISTING PRIEST AT THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY COMFORTER IN MARTINEZ.