Satan is alive and well

...certainly not in church, but what if there really is a devil?Many years ago, I actually met the man who at one time was the high priest of the Satanic Church of Los Angeles. A reporter questioned his power and he demonstrated it by setting a building on fire...

The Rev. Jerry Ragan named head of national fraternity of priests

...group of five to seven priests that get together on...on the life of French priest Charles de Foucauld...hoping to encourage other priests to join him, but no...Ragan was ordained a priest in 1979 and has served...fraternity to encourage new priests to join."I'm overwhelmed...

Scripture, Hippocratic Oath still relevant today

...graduating medical students take the Hippocratic Oath to heart. If they truly live it out, then health care in our country has a chance. THE REV. JOE BOWDEN IS THE ASSISTING PRIEST AT THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY COMFORTER IN MARTINEZ.

Polish priest Dawid Kwiatkowski now ministers to Hispanics at St. Teresa of Avila

...comes through me now, the priest from Poland," Kwiatkowski...he said.There were no priests in his family, so it surprised...giving me this desire to be a priest. I thought it was a good desire...he learned that a Polish priest from the Diocese of Savannah...

Local Catholic priests celebrate election of new pope

Priests and parish staff at Catholic churches across Augusta huddled around office televisions for a first look at the church's new leader...

Sheriff Richard Roundtree, deputies host kids in Halloween tour of sheriff's office

...of cards.Speakers belted out Michael Jackson's Thriller as students approached Roundtree, who was dressed as a Catholic priest and later changed into a costume of a character from the Matrix movies. This was their last stop."The kids are extremely...

Priests in South Dakota give part of their pay to abuse victims fund

...stunned when they find out the priests are fasting and giving 5 percent of their income. Priests make about $1,100 a month...counseling abuse survivors or priest abusers. "It's not the...said. "It's their (the priests') effort." The Lazarus...

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Priests called to sing God's praises

...that all Catholic priests in the Augusta area...during this Year of the Priest, which concludes...myself; and other priests in our area.In this Year of the Priest, we give thanks to...May all Catholic priests come to join us at...

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Pope leads ceremony to ordain priests

...Pope Benedict XVI ordained a group of new priests Sunday, with many of the men coming from...also the bishop of Rome, and the 21 new priests are attached to the Rome diocese. After...his hands on the head of each of the new priests, who, earlier in the ceremony, had...

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Diocese of Savannah: 12 children molested by priests since 1950

...children have been sexually abused by six priests over 52 years in the Roman Catholic Diocese...officials did not name any of the abusive priests, which represent less than 1 percent...children reportedly were molested by four priests. The most recent incident was 25 years...