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Networks asking their affiliates to kick in for football costs

...affiliate partners will step up with significant financial support for this strategically important franchise," said Preston Padden, president of the ABC Television Network. Fox affiliates already kick in $30 million toward football rights. The...
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TV makers don't like new requirement TV and beginning this fall, all of ABC's new scripted entertainment programs will be available in HDTV, said Preston Padden, executive vice president for governmental relations at ABC. More than 400 local stations across the nation are...
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NBC's plan for affiliates sign of the times

...that would fetch higher prices at the local than at the national network level. "The world is changing," said Preston Padden, president of ABC Television. "Digital gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent ourselves, our relationships...
New digital TV set shoppers should study before they buy

...broadcasters are expected to offer viewers some programs in both high definition and standard. ABC Network TV president Preston Padden said in an interview that the network this fall will broadcast the "Wonderful World of Disney" in high definition...
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Broadcasters still deciding how to utilize digital TV

...many other broadcasters are beginning to evaluate multiple channel strategies," ABC Television Network President Preston Padden said in August. His focus on multicasting and lack of emphasis on HDTV, combined with Sinclair Broadcast Group's...
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