Participants in march linked to Charleston shootings say Haley has more to learn about race

...take a walk in another person's shoes, love overcomes hate ? even in the face of two painful tragedies," Haley press secretary Chaney Adams said in a statement provided to The Associated Press. "The governor has an enduring respect and fondness...

House bill provides mixed oxide funding for another year

...direction of Congress, the department is continuing construction of the MOX facility."Leacy Burke, Wilson's press secretary, said the House is expected to vote on the legislation today before it goes to the Senate for approval early next...

Obama seals Iran deal win as Senate Democrats find 34 votes

...National Constitution Center. His speech was carried live on Iranian television, an unusual occurrenceWhite House press secretary Josh Earnest called the growing support a validation of Obama's effort to "make sure that every member of the Senate...

Sanders gets raucous, but mostly white welcome in South Carolina as he works for black support

...booed by Sanders supporters.He has since hired Symone Sanders, a prominent supporter of Black Lives Matter, as his press secretary. She confirmed Friday that he will meet privately with black elected officials, ministers and other community leaders...

Congress expected to uphold promised veto by President Obama

...opponents and bitter condemnation from deal supporters.The administration clearly shared proponents' ire. White House press secretary Josh Earnest noted that Schumer and the president have differed over Middle East policy since the 2003 U.S.-led...

Let's break a deal

...alone the rest of the world. The outrageous talking point was no less shameful when bandied about a week earlier by Press Secretary Josh Earnest.The press conference in Ethiopia that yielded that doozy Monday also is where the president said he...

Armed man stands guard near military recruiting offices

...administration is not looking out for the safety and security of our nation," he said.In a statement Friday, Pen tagon press secretary Peter Cook said Defense Secretary Ash Carter is reviewing recommendations to make installations and recruiting stations...

Tap turned off on loans for smaller businesses

...ceiling was reached won't be affected; their approvals won't have to wait for Congress to act, according to SBA Press Secretary Miguel Ayala.Q: Which SBA loans are affected?A: The 7(a) program, which guarantees loans for starting or...

U.S. Sen Isakson reports Fort Gordon adding small number of troops while other installations prepare for large losses

...would have a net increase of 40 due to the addition of a few units," said Marie Hodge Gordon, Isakson's deputy press secretary. "We don't have any further details behind that number."Fort Gordon Public Affairs Officer J.C. Mathews...

Dick LeBeau is leaving Steelers after 11 years

...fan, it's hard to pass up attending a playoff game when you've been dubbed the team's mojo," Christie's press secretary said in the statement.Dallas has won all five games that the governor has attended this season.