This is not a war

...right to practice their religion.If the Hobby Lobby ruling "jeopardizes the health of women," as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest ludicrously suggested, then that would mean women's health has been in peril during all but two years of...

Bureaucrat Bingo: Cline Cabinet vs. Obama & Co.

...fantasy picks would do no worse than the current crop of chowderheads running Washington. And with that, I'm out of here. If you have any questions for me or my cabinet, please direct them to my press secretary, Maria Bartiromo.

First lady's fabulous fashions: Love the clothes, but who pays the bills?

...million.And like most people, Obama (mostly her personal aide) looks for discounts.Here's how Joanna Rosholm, press secretary to the first lady, explains it:"Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing. For official events of public or historic significance...

Combative Carney exits

...well-paid as far as White House press secretaries go. But we can't imagine...embarrassing. More highly regarded press secretaries, such as Marlin Fitzwater...correspondent and the first press secretary in four decades to have actual...

Jay Carney quits White House post

WASHINGTON - White House press secretary Jay Carney became the news instead...announced that principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest will take over the...moved over to serve as Obama's press secretary in 2011. "He comes to this...

Trail of lies loops back to White House

...political strategist; and Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary and husband of ABC News senior national correspondent...were prompted, of course, by the video."Obama Press Secretary Carney categorically denied in 2012 that the White...

Russian city mourns as torch nears stop on journey to Sochi

...the Volgograd attacks and to say the U.S. "stands with the Russian people against terrorism," said Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby.Hagel also assured Shoigu that the United States "stands ready to provide security assistance...

Ex-House Speaker Foley dead

...successful politician needs, he said.In "Honor in the House," the biography he co-wrote with his longtime press secretary, Jeff Biggs, Foley recounted with affection his deep roots in the district, going back to pioneer stock on both...

Economic progress mixed despite Obama's claims

...McConnell said.Asked whether the president was heading for a shutdown confrontation with House Republicans, White House press secretary Jay Carney said, "I think that you would have to ask Republicans about what their plan is for investing in America's...

Keystone pipeline supporters slam Obama's skeptical comments on economic impact

...Chattanooga, Tenn., where he will promote economic policies to create middle-class jobs, said White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest."He's talking about his view that when we're making economic policy decisions in Washington...