Electoral College is genius

...states would not necessarily be swallowed up by the wishes of the fewer, more populous ones.In only three presidential elections in U.S. history has the winner of the popular vote lost the Electoral College vote. But beautifully, and...

Georgia voter registration now online, by smartphone

...registration forms the old-fashioned way. Nixon, who registered some 14,000 voters ahead of the last two presidential elections, said she registered five in time for May 20 elections at a Tuesday mayoral candidates forum."I think it's...

Ice storm claims pine, but it's rooted in tradition

...Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II, joined Augusta National in 1948 before he won the 1952 and 1956 presidential elections.He made frequent trips to Augusta National before, during and after his presidency, but he never attended...

What's really at stake

The two major political parties and the media always try to make presidential elections about the personalities of those running ? and to a large extent, we go along with them.So presidential campaigns become like...

Rants & Raves

...they once did. POLLS ALREADY say Hillary Clinton and Gov. Chris Christie lead the party packs for the next presidential elections. If those are the best the pols have to offer, freedom is doomed. THE FACULTY AND staff of Barton Chapel Ele...

Rants & Raves

...from the school.POLLS ALREADY SAY Hillary Clinton and Gov. Chris Christie lead the party picks for the next presidential elections. If those are the best the pols have to offer, freedom is doomed.

Georgia and South Carolina trail nation in voter turnout

...Carolina trail the nation in voter turnout during presidential elections, according to a new study that links voter participation...looks at average turnout during the past five presidential elections, ranks Georgia 49th in the nation, with only...

State expects low voter turnout

...That's fairly typical of the past several presidential elections, the only exception being 1992, when the economy...is slightly below the 20-year average for presidential elections in Georgia. The high-water mark in recent...

Tie sales indicate election outcome

...presidential election, based on national sales of competing elephant and donkey design neckties. And after 11 presidential elections the poll boasts an impressive 9-2 record. "Even though it's unscientific, it's been uncannily accurate...

Analysis: Voting trend cheers Democrats

...racial and ethnic groups in presidential elections. Nationally, blacks have...what's interesting.In presidential elections since 1996, black voter...super PAC spending. But presidential elections and statewide races aren't...