Clamor for your privacy

As a true libertarian in the U.S. Senate, Rand Paul is a maverick, absolutely.And as a presidential candidate, his "going rogue" is no doubt seen by many as self-promotion.But when he stands up in a filibuster against willy-nilly...

Kasich tests Georgia waters

...states. Kasich hasn't formally announced as a presidential candidate, but he's admitted to testing the waters...concept for a regional primary was the reason any presidential candidates have come to Georgia in the first place. Kemp...

A height of hypocrisy

...influence of money?Hypocrisy doesn't get any more stark-naked.But much more troubling still is the view of a presidential candidate who wants to choose a Supreme Court justice based upon how that justice would rule in a particular case.If...

Luis Figo drops out of FIFA election, cites corruption

LISBON, Portugal - Calling FIFA a dictatorship under Sepp Blatter, presidential candidate Luis Figo dropped out of the election race Thursday.The Portugal great and former FIFA world player of the year said in a statement...

Ga. GOP convention starts today

...Republican Party's two-day biennial state convention gets under way in Athens, with two formally declared presidential candidates and a likely GOP contender headlining the bill at The Classic Center in downtown Athens.Festivities for the...

As the coverage turns

...outside the Clintonsphere's rarefied air know there's nothing vindictive or venomous about questioning a presidential candidate possibly violating government protocol ? and possibly federal records law ? by conducting public business on...

Boxing champ Evander Holyfield guest hosts Augusta Boys & Girls Club's annual Burger Battle

...boxers. Proceeds from the VIP experience will benefit CharityVision.On May 15, Holyfield will box former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City in a charity bout. Proceeds will also benefit CharityVision, which aids physicians...

Rants & Raves

...ear buds all the way in the back of the bus that I can't hear. I'M GLAD FOR ALL these frivolous Republican presidential candidates. Their untaxed millions can go to enrich the various media outlets so that they can have more broadcast times...

Will we ever get the space to build?

...recently savaged in social media, one supposes as a traitor to her race, for backing libertarian-minded GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul. How sad. Must African-Americans all think and vote the same?How's that working out for the African-American...

Clinton lacks integrity

...with a stronger moral compass than the one that seems to guide Hillary Rodham Clinton. If the integrity of a presidential candidate no longer matters, then the United States is in far bigger trouble than we can have ever imagined.