Dangerous power surge

Ruling by decree is about as anti-American as governance gets.

Expensive and broken

Even Hollywood movies assume the White House is harder to get into than this.

Rants & Raves

A rave to Augusta Chronicle for printing the article about the Miller Theater. My father met my mother at the Miller. He worked as an usher and risked getting into trouble to get the cute little redhead's number.

ISIS crisis seems lost on this president

Mr. Obama seems terrified to utter the word "terror," much less the term "war on terror."

Radical Islamist action rekindles possibility of Kurdish independence

The recent onslaught of ISIS militants has resurrected fresh conversations about Kurdish independence.

Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer visits Augusta

A. Scott Berg, the author of four bestselling biographies, was in town to promote his latest book, 'Wilson,' which will be released as a paperback Tuesday.

Rants & Raves

There are several national incidents of licensed gun owners who went out and shot up kids and people in public places with their guns.

The real crisis

All that's left now is to wait for the inevitable breaking point.

Another coat of whitewash

This isn't a normal case - just one that makes more American people question which side the president is on.

Don't disrespect Obama

Negative diatribes don't just oppose his policies, but also assassinate his character.