Rants & Raves

Thank goodness, most folks in Columbia County recognize the fact that the quality of life they enjoy is due to the wonderful school system they have.

Walker resume impressive

I consider my vote the end product of an interview process that will continue until the November 2016 presidential election.

Georgia State coach will have his lucky chair back for game vs. Xavier

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Georgia State coach Ron Hunter doesn't mind getting a new cast. But don't even think about swapping out his chair.

Rants & Raves

This is a Rave to the Co­lumbia County Water Department to help me with a leaking water line last Friday. The water department was at my home early Saturday and completed the job promptly.

Music by Turner: Documentary tells tale behind music

I bet you heard Hal Blaine play some of your favorite songs in the last few days. Don Randi too. Let's not leave out Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco, Joe Osborn, Larry Knechtel, or Plas Johnson either.

Address this

There is no reason, other than duplicity, for Clinton to have skirted governmental channels.

Michaux: Sifford just wanted to compete

Charlie Sifford was already deep into his 70s when I first started talking to him - far removed from the bile and hatred that defined his career.

Rants & Raves

Low gas prices will not last long. Republican-controlled Congress has been sworn in.

Dangerous power surge

Ruling by decree is about as anti-American as governance gets.

Blue lives matter

The unscrupulous race hustlers have created a climate of racial tension unmatched in this country in decades, and have stoked the kind of rage that jihadists might envy.