Dangerous power surge

...currently on indefinite suspension.But we can't help but think that some of those people actually want the president of the United States of America to absolve a collegiate running back from whatever his yet-to-be determined punishment happens...

Expensive and broken

...cool, confident, no-nonsense rear-end kickers who are tasked with plowing a path for and protecting the president of the United States.Oops.Not only was a man famously allowed to jump the White House fence and enter an unlocked door Sept...

Rants & Raves

...putting all of the pieces together and realizing that we need to repeal and replace.I'M WAITING FOR THE president of the United States to make a speech where he says, "If I had a son, he would look like Ray Rice."WE ENJOYED SEEING TechNet...

Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer visits Augusta

...in Augusta and how he carried those lessons throughout his time as governor of New Jersey and, eventually, president of the United States.Throughout the writing process, Berg said, he grew as an individual."I think I grew as a writer when...

ISIS crisis seems lost on this president

...began tracking ISIS and just days after other administration officials sounded the loudest possible alarm, the president of the United States admitted Thursday being caught completely flat-footed.Many Americans enjoying the last days of summer may...

Radical Islamist action rekindles possibility of Kurdish independence

...of Iraq remains unknown. But, ironically, if the city of Irbil survives ISIS, it might someday thank the president of the United States for creating conditions that led to a free and independent Kurdistan. (The writer, the author of several...

Rants & Raves

...glorious falls! PRESIDENT OBAMA spends his time fundraising for the Democratic Party and ignores his day job as president of the United States. Since the American taxpayers are paying his salary, Obama needs to turn over every cent he has raised or...

The real crisis

...than 50 years ago during the golden age of American radicalism seems to be shiny and new in the mind of the president of the United States.That is the real crisis.

Another coat of whitewash

...Really, are we to expect findings that do anything other than make more palatable the jaw-dropping fact the president of the United States ? acting without legal notification of Congress ? traded five Taliban leaders for a low-level foot soldier...

Don't disrespect Obama

...policies, but also assassinate his character, to the extent of not affording him the respect of being the president of the United States.The Augusta Chronicle's editorial staff has been particularly instrumental in portraying the president...