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Carmakers sign on to principles to protect motorists' privacy in an era of computerized cars

WASHINGTON - Nineteen automakers accounting for most of the passenger cars and trucks sold in the U.S. have signed onto a set of principles they say will protect motorists' privacy in an era when computerized cars pass along more information about their drivers than many motorists realize.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration want vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology

WASHINGTON - The government says it will require automakers to equip new vehicles with technology that lets cars warn each other if they're plunging toward peril.
National Transportation Safety Board urges standard safety equipment on cars

WASHINGTON - The government should require automakers to make the latest collision-prevention technologies standard equipment on all new cars and trucks, federal accident investigators said last week.
4 Republicans state their case against John Barrow in 12th Congressional District candidate forum in west Augusta

The four Republicans seeking to unseat Georgia's 12th District congressman, Democrat John Barrow, had the floor Monday in a forum sponsored by the West Augusta Alliance.
Analysis: Lawmaker takes aim at state hospitals

ATLANTA --- A side skirmish in the battle for health care is breaking out because of one legislator's suspicions that some nonprofit hospitals are more concerned about fat executive paychecks than treating the poor.
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NEW YORK - Julia Louis-Dreyfus will return this weekend to "Saturday Night Live," where she began her career over two decades ago.
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SRS to make case for reusing nuclear fuel

AIKEN - Officials want Savannah River Site to be considered for a demonstration facility that would reprocess nuclear fuel, a key part of President Bush's push to spread nuclear energy.
Metro | Savannah River Site
Is my winter heating bill going to destroy my finances?

Q: The price of petrol is killing me this summer. I'm already dreading winter - how bad are my home heating bills likely to be?
Environmentalists: Too much mercury in cars

American automakers have not lived up to promises to eliminate mercury from new cars, exacerbating the already significant problem of mercury pollution from junked cars, according to environmental groups. While automakers have reduced dramatically the use of mercury in convenience lighting switches in cars, they still are using them in hundreds of thousands of new cars, the groups said in two reports Monday.
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The Augusta chapter of Project Linus is collecting blankets for its outreach ministry. Blankets must be washable and in child-friendly colors, crocheted, knitted or quilted.
Life & style | North Augusta High School