The president's petulance

The president should concern himself with his job, not the media's.

Ramblin' Rhodes: Birthday event to celebrate Native American heritage

An exhibit on Native Americans of the Savannah River region is part of the anniversary celebration of the North Augusta Arts & Heritage Center.

Rants & Raves

The signs on the highway say "Slower traffic keep right." This means you.

US women bask in World Cup title

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Megan Rapinoe strolled around taking selfies, occasionally sipping bubbly with her teammates and trying to balance the Women's World Cup championship trophy on her head.

Last two supercentenarians have seen world of changes

When Susannah Mushatt Jones and Emma Morano were born in 1899, there was not yet world war or penicillin, and electricity was still considered a marvel. The women are believed to be the last two in the world with birthdates in the 1800s.

Citizen issues linger

Nowhere in the editorial does it bring up the constitutional requirement that the president and vice president of the United States be a natural-born citizen

Usain Bolt to compete Saturday at the site of his first world record

On Saturday, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt returns to Randall's Island, east of upper Manhattan, where he set his first world record May 31, 2008,

Unforgivable infamy

It's insane. It's tragic. And it's a moment of infamy that history may not, and should not, forgive.

More news outside Municipal Building than inside

May­­or Pro Tem Grady Smith collapsed into the arms of Brad Owens outside the Marble Palace last week and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

'Saigon has fallen' -- a reporter's view of Vietnam War's end

EDITOR'S NOTE: More than two decades of war in Vietnam, first involving the French and then the Americans, ended with the last days of April 1975.