Secret Disservice

Clean your own house, Secret Service, before ever trying to sully ours again.

Carson and the Catch-22

...to do with anything, except as a Catch-22, wondered if Ben Carson would support the notion of a Muslim president of the United States ? and if Islam was consistent with the Constitution.No, it isn't, Carson said, who added he would not...

Grab your cameras -- Theodore Roosevelt is coming to Augusta

If you arrive before the time of his presentation, you will be greeted at the door by Mr. Roosevelt.

Republican candidate Ben Carson speaks in Aiken

AIKEN -- Dr. Ben Carson addressed Aiken Re­publicans at Newberry Hall, sharing some of his experiences with poverty while growing up poor in De­troit and later privilege as a celebrated physician.

Hillary has to be lying

If she does not understand the nature of the data, then who? And she wants to be commander-in-chief?

To help rebuild the safe nation we deserve, we must draft massive help

We have become so disenchanted that we are willing to give serious consideration to billionaire Donald Trump to be the Republican Party nominee for president.

Obama seals Iran deal win as Senate Democrats find 34 votes

Overcoming ferocious opposition, President Barack Obama secured a legacy-defining foreign policy victory Wednesday as Senate Democrats clinched the necessary votes to ensure the Iran nuclear agreement survives in Congress.

When tone gets toxic

If only the media gave unifying, uplifting rhetoric as big a megaphone as they do the hateful kind.

Jimmy Carter's decision to boycott 1980 Moscow Olympics remains controversial

ATLANTA - Thirty-five years after his hopes for a gold medal were dashed by Jimmy Carter's boycott of the Moscow Olympics, Craig Beardsley is at peace.

Ramblin' Rhodes: Georgia's music history is luring writers to Augusta

Nationally-read Oxford American magazine based in Little Rock, Ark., is planning an upcoming issue on the Georgia music scene. That has prompted visits to Augusta from the magazine's associate editor Maxwell George in mid-July and by contributor David Kirby last week.