James Goodman Sr.

...Regional Library Board. He was President of the Aiken Electric Cooperative Trust since it began. He was a former President and Secretary of the Lions Club, a former member of the Jaycees, a longtime member of the historic Beech Island Agricultural...

PGA of America ousts president Ted Bishop

...at the Nov. 22 annual meeting, was appointed the interim president. Paul Levy will handle the roles as vice president and secretary until the election.Bishop has been one of the most outspoken presidents of the PGA of America. But his social...

West Augusta Alliance elects new leadership, sets goals

...terms include: Sonny Pittman, president; Brad Padgett, first vice president; Rita Hamilton, second vice president and secretary; Bequi Coar, third vice president; and Michael Johnson, treasurer.Pittman, who succeeds Lori Davis as president...


The West Augusta Alliance elected new leadership at its annual meeting Dec. 9. New officers are Sonny Pittman, president; Barry Padgett, first vice president; Rita Hamilton, second vice president and secretary; Bequi Coar, third vice president and Michael Johnson, treasurer.

Virginia Salter

...Department of Defense at Fort Gordon, Ga. She was a faithful member of Dry Creek Baptist Church where she served as President and Secretary of the Women On Missions (WMU). She also served as past President and board member of SC Rural Letter Carriers...

Eric Vahl

...Methodist Church, the American Legion and the Augusta Bowling Association for over 20 years where he served as past president and secretary of 2 bowling leagues the Tuesday Guys and Gals Mixed and the Friday Fun Doubles. Other survivors include his...

Glensie Devore

...after 27 years of service, then becoming a member of the Retiree's Club, having served as President, Vice President and Secretary of the club. She was a member of the Augusta chapter of Senior Friends. She was a volunteer for Augusta Regional...

Augusta-area leaders share memories from first jobs

...working the switchboard at Belk Matthews in Macon, Ga. I worked directly beside the office of the president, vice president and secretary of the company, which happened to be the dad and his two sons.I remember how important I felt to have a job...

Why did Petraeus resign?

...the four Americans. When their bodies were returned to Andrews Air Force Base amid the pomp provided by the president and secretaries of state and defense, Petraeus was noticeably absent. That has never been explained. But that, as well as...

Richmond County superintendent asks Georgia PTA to investigate Willis Foreman Elementary funds

...Foreman PTA Presi dent Baine Flournoy submitted a letter of resignation to Braswell on behalf of himself, the vice president and secretary on Jan. 25 but rescinded it a day later. He cited Braswell's refusal to address the school's missing 2011-12...