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Georgia banks perform well at the start of the year

The Georgia Bankers Association was excited about the first three months of 2014. The association added up the financial performance for 219 state-based banks for the first quarter and it turns out it was better than 2013. The exciting part was that it was the best since 2007. Remember that Georgia was a wasteland of banking in the recession with more bank closings every year than David Ortiz home runs. So when Georgia banks are doing better than before the recession, it is cause for balloons and cake.
Workers ready for danger

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is proud to salute these unsung heroes who exemplify everything that is great about our state.
Georgia is leading the way toward a sustainable energy future

Georgia's leaders should stress conservation while continuing to grow clean, affordable and reliable nuclear energy as a part of the state's electricity mix.
Augusta native to lead Georgia Hospital Association

Earl V. Rogers, Georgia Hospital Association's senior vice president for government relations, will succeed the retiring Joseph Parkeras president and CEO on July 1, GHA's Board of Trustees announced.
Augusta native Earl V. Rogers to lead Georgia Hospital Association

Earl V. Rogers, incoming head of the Georgia Hospital Association, expects some trying financial times ahead for the state's hospitals.
Georgia lottery names new president

ATLANTA - The Georgia Lottery has named a new president, ending a process that drew controversy.
Truck cargo thieves targeted

Georgia is a major hub for shipping companies, and that's an attractive lure for thieves, who break the locks on trailers or force drivers to open them at gunpoint.
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Civil War sesquicentennial events slowly starting to take shape around state

Civil War sesquicentennial events are off to a slow start in Georgia, much like the Civil War itself 150 years ago.
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Saving Our Children

We hope voters approve the amendment in November. It's about school choice for parents and basic freedoms for all.