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Military can visit museums free youth in the Augusta area. She was the founder of the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute, which was on the present site of Lucy C. Laney Comprehensive High School. She started the first kindergarten for black children in Augusta and founded...
Site for Scouts closing for good

...remained there for 20 years before the campground was sold in the mid-1940s and Camp Linwood Hayne was moved to its present site, a nearly 500-acre area 12 miles south of Augusta on Georgia Highway 56. Money Matters The Georgia-Carolina Council's...
Play to help church commemorate bicentennial

...Aiken. About 30 years later, it merged with another congregation, took the name Aiken Baptist Church and moved to the present site. The sanctuary was dedicated in 1958. Call (803) 648-5476 or see the church Web site,
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Church's land sale is benefit to school

...Baker Woods property to be used for a school. They also requested to have about three portable classrooms from their present site relocated to the new site to be used as temporary classroom space. School officials asked to use the space for about...
Across the area

...board had already voted to build a new Byrd Elementary rather than try to repair the 50-year-old buildings at the present site. The board voted to accept the donation at its meeting Tuesday night. Aiken home invasion leads to shooting Two masked...
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Memories tell story of neighborhood

...neighborhood. Her family came to Sand Hills after a Savannah River flood drove them out of Springfield Village, the present site of Augusta Golf & Gardens. At 95, she has a poet's memory of life in Sand Hills' heyday, back when segregation...
Stops on the road to history

...snakebites with a "mad stone." The cemetery is on a knoll across the street from the church, which was moved to its present site in 1854. One of its pastors, the Rev. James M. Atkinson, who died in 1921, is buried in his family plot surrounded...
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Laney's glory days

...Director of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum, Haynes came to be in 1886, but its building wasn't completed until 1889 on the present site of Laney High. Because the area was prone to flooding, the structure began deteriorating. When the Richmond County...
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Council to decide Kmart plan

...Surely we can find that much in the budget," she said. In the original plan the agricultural offices were to move the present site of the Department of Social Services. But the revised plan leaves USDA, Farm Services, Soil and Conservation offices...
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University considers toxic-cleanup plan

...adverse ecological impact," Mr. Callihan and Ms. Reifenberger wrote. Excavation would extend the area well beyond the present site, including four acres actually within the adjacent State Botanical Garden of Georgia, according to the report. Instead...
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