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States raising test standards for would-be teachers's highest cutoff score for the Praxis I, used in 20 states to screen teacher...said Charlotte Solomon, in charge of the Praxis examinations for the Educational Testing...the board of education voted to adopt Praxis I starting this fall after years of opening...
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Most fail two tests to teach

...percent of their test-takers pass the Praxis II, which measures candidates' knowledge...Standards Commission. The commission uses the Praxis scores to determine whether to license...student with a degree from Paine has passed Praxis I and II. "You cannot graduate from...
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Teaching the teachers

...producing graduates who cannot pass the Praxis I and II exams, which all Georgia teachers...percent of the candidates who took the Praxis tests passed. Compare that with Augusta...coursework for an education degree passed their Praxis exams. Still, Praxis is a huge obstacle...
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Teacher tests

...require new teachers and encourage veteran teachers to score as high as at least half the test-takers nationally on the new Praxis II teacher competency tests. Beasley's proposal would cost about $12.8 million annually for new teachers and $50 million...
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Beasley proposal targets education

...Board of Education proposal to require new teachers to score as high as at least half the test-takers nationally on the new Praxis II competency tests. His plan would raise pay for new and current teachers who do so. The governor, who wants to encourage...
President Bush, attorney general stand on slippery slope

...subconsciousness. As the dust settles and smoke clears, it is evident people of faith must be vigilant in the proclamation and praxis of our beliefs. Our leader, President George W. Bush, and his attorney general, John Ashcroft, stand upon a slippery moral...
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Fund managers, investors seek bonds that make difference

...boring," says Benjamin Bailey, co-portfolio manager of the Praxis Intermediate Income fund (MIIAX). "You can tell people that...says Delmar King, another co-portfolio manager of the Praxis fund. "That's the one that's resonated best."
Cooper,: Quick-fix approach wrong for Georgia schools

...scores on the standardized teacher certification tests (PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II) in Georgia. The teacher preparation programs...less than two years. All students have to pass the PRAXIS I exam at or above the cut score set by the Georgia...
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Teacher training faces new scrutiny

...teacher competency test, known as the PRAXIS. SAT results and whether a school has...the schools (of education) with low PRAXIS scores are very concerned about what this...percent or fewer students pass last year's PRAXIS II exam, which tests a potential teacher's...
Tougher tests shrink teacher hiring pool

...language, she has repeatedly failed the Praxis II test for Spanish. "I keep hearing...scores for half of the 51 tests, known as Praxis II, then phase in higher minimums over...Georgia minimum is relatively low is in the Praxis II test for math. Georgia's minimum...