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Potent pox plagues squirrels

...their body -- have been reported in eight Florida counties in a pox outbreak experts said is the worst since the 1970s. Between...little victims blind and unable to plunder bird feeders. The pox leaves the squirrels' eyes swollen "as big as marbles," Florida...
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Chicken pox vaccine seems able to create own booster

...WASHINGTON -- The widely used chicken-pox vaccine seems to reactivate itself when...received the vaccine against the chicken pox virus, known as varicella zoster. Their...The stronger natural form of the chicken pox virus also remains in the body permanently...
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Chicken pox delays Christian Slater debut in 'Cuckoo's Nest'

...not if the star - in this case Christian Slater - has chicken pox. Producers had to cancel the opening night of "One Flew make the first performance but poor Christian's chicken pox has simply been too virulent," said producer Nica Burns...
New vaccine not widely available

...get your child immunized against chicken pox, even though researchers don't yet know...estimated 4 million annual cases of chicken pox in the United States, about 4,500 children...More about Varivax Varivax, the chicken pox vaccine approved by the FDA last year...
South Carolina is cursed no more

Those who believe in a pox upon the Chickens might have to reassess their dogma. The infamous Chicken Curse, if not dead, is on its last drumstick. With...
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Expert says biological attack on U.S. inevitable

SAN DIEGO -- Terrorists will likely attack the United States with the small pox or anthrax viruses within the next five to 10 years, says an expert who warns the country is unprepared. "We are a long way...
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Group to honor physicians

...highlight the association's accomplishments, as well as its heroes who fought for funding against epidemics such as small pox and worked to found public health agencies and improve medical education. Among those being honored are the Richmond County...
Arctic myths, legends

...sway their minds. Propaganda has most Americans thinking the refuge is about to be overrun with oil rigs, like so many chicken pox sores on an infant's backside. Nothing can be further from the truth. The acreage that would be affected by drilling is less...
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Kudos for Bush

...keeping themselves in power. These leaders want to tax the middle class and the rich for money to buy the votes of the minorities. I say kudos for Bush and a pox on the power-hungry Democratic leaders. James Cline, North Augusta, S.C.
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Health capsules

...but sometimes fatal disease that attacks mostly children and young people after viral illnesses such as influenza and chicken pox. Reported cases of Reye's syndrome have dropped in the United States to fewer than 20 annually. However, physicians' and...
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