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Al J. Ballard (IRMO, S.C.)

...Palmetto Economic Development Corporation, a partnership of the state's 20 electric cooperatives and their chief power supplier, Santee Cooper, the state-owned electric utility. In the aftermath of hurricane Hugo Ballard directed the Association...
Utility plans to lower rates by $12 to $15 April 1992. The utility said it has absorbed wholesale power cost adjustment charges since June 1993 from its power supplier without passing on the expense to consumers. "Market conditions continue to change in our industry, and we are...
Feds order price controls on three power producers

...ramifications it will have for our company," said Mike Tyndall, a spokesman for the Southern Co., the largest power supplier in the Southeast. On Wednesday, American Electric asked for more time to respond to the order, said a spokesman...
GPU sells remaining power plants for $1.72 billion

...agreed to buy some of its power from Sithe Energies, a privately held company that became North America's largest power supplier with Monday's purchase. Sithe, jointly owned by the French services company Vivendi, the Japanese trading company...
Company files to test MOX fuel

...applied Thursday to burn its first test batch of mixed-oxide fuel, despite uncertainties about how the commercial power supplier will get it and when. Testing at one of the company's Charlotte, N.C.-area reactors would be in anticipation...
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