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NuScale group will reapply for small reactor research funds

...innovative new safety features and true scalability from 45 to 540 megawatts ? making it adaptable to fit multiple potential applications," said John Hopkins, NuScale's chairman and CEO. He said the group's proposed design includes self-cooling...
Dow Corning emerges from bankruptcy

...our customers succeed," chairman Gary Anderson said in a statement Tuesday. "We continue to explore high-potential applications for silicone materials and services in a wide variety of industries." Since its bankruptcy filing, the company...
Researchers, game makers going beyond the joystick keep moving around carefully to bobble a soccer ball on your head. Ultimately, these gaming devices have potential applications beyond entertainment. Smith foresees adapting special software expansion packs for his "Wild Divine" game...
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Pentagon explores turning scooters into robots

...that can open doors, avoid obstacles, and chase soccer balls - all without human control. Researchers say potential applications for the robots include performing search missions on the battlefield, transporting injured soldiers to safety...
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Graphite foam has many uses

...and the National Security Agency. Because of its exceptional heat-transfer capabilities, graphite foam has potential applications in computers, racecars and even space re-entry vehicles. In fact, the developer worries that the heavy push...
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High-tech shirt could save lives

...Atlanta's medical community already sees benefit from such technology. "I would certainly see it having lots of potential applications to monitor our patients at a different setting," said Leon Haley, chief of service for emergency medicine...
Scientists find cause of 'stunned' hearts of stunning. If that's the case, and "if you could reverse the stunned portion, you might have another treatment for heart failure," agreed the AHA's Smaha. "There are a wide variety of potential applications."
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Hand transplant may come soon

...rejection more manageable, the doctors said. Tobin said the transplant could lead to other breakthroughs. "The potential applications, as one gets into other body parts, are limitless," Tobin said. "If it can be done with a hand, it can...
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It crawls! It scampers! It - almost - turns right! It's Robo-roach!

...said Assistant Professor Isao Shimoyama, head of the bio-robot research team at Tokyo University. "The potential applications of this work for mankind could be immense." Within a few years, Shimoyama says, electronically controlled...
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Senior earns spot in science contest

...cells in our bodies that die each year," he said. "I was interested in the processes behind that." The potential applications for his project might include drug therapies to treat cancer, neurological disorders and degenerative disorders...