ACA benefits are hogwash

...are the applications for food stamps at an all-time high?Recently I witnessed a woman paying for candy, soda, potato chips and ice cream with an EBT card. I was shocked when she loaded them into a late-model luxury car. The reason so many...

You Remembered: Broad Street

...S, Kress food counter, By George's Hot Dogs (six for a quarter) the Chicken Stix restaurant, Heos Candy and Potato Chips and Home Folks with its papers, magazines and tobacco products, where the men hung out. Then, we would see Gardelle's...

Makers of multi-flavored kettle-cooked potato chips making market inroads

...in 1983. Within three years, Bob's Texas Style Potato Chips were selling well enough that the brothers sold their...68 percent share of the salty-snacks market. "For potato chips, there's Frito-Lay and everybody else. They're...

25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I'd Be Happy to Receive

...areaEvery area has an unusual local food item or two, like Cheerwine soda in the South Carolina area or Sterzing's potato chips in the southeast Iowa area. It is always fun to try these local favorites, particularly if you're not from that...

Bet they can't eat just one

...snack-lover'sparadise: a vat piled high with potato chips of every kind -- barbecue, sour...Robison said he's been feeding potato chips to beef and milk cows for about...companies or through feed suppliers. "Potato chips that don't go into the bag will...

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Doctor traces additive damage

...still gives in to his craving for potato chips and french fries, but only grudgingly...foods such as french fries and potato chips. It may be caused by the heat...wouldn't go out eating in the same day potato chips and french fries and a lot of breads...

New chips laced with herbs to promote well-being

WASHINGTON -- There was a time when potato chips were just potato chips, their greasy crunch leaving the snacker with an aftertaste of delicious guilt. No more. A new kind of...

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FDA finds highly variable levels of worrisome chemical in foods

ADELPHI, Md. -- Popular U.S. brands of potato chips and french fries contain highly variable levels of a...acrylamide levels. In tests of 25 bags of Lay's Classic Potato Chips, only two bags came back with the exact same level...

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What's For Lunch: Blue Sky Kitchen

...Swiss cheese, brown mustard, pickles, served with potato chips, pasta salad or mashed potatoes), $6.50 ON THE...7.50; Cuban bread sandwiches, served with potato chips, pasta salad or mashed potatoes; St. Charles (grilled...

Consumers' Top Ten

...products included a self-rising pizza crust and baked potato chips, which may have helped boost three new indigestion...189 million in sales. That was followed by Baked Lays potato chips, $167 million; Pampers Premium, $162 million...

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