Wine Time: Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Paso Robles

...Sunny's Block.GOES WITH: My wife, Teri, and I had this wine with grilled Italian sausage sandwiches and homemade potato chips. I added fresh sweet corn. The spicy sausages piled with grilled vegetables needed a strong wine to stand up to the...

Former Georgia Sen. Charles Walker says he'll be active in politics, but won't run 'at this time'

...The jury didn't find that I engaged in any tax evasion, which goes to show you that in the sale of hot dogs, potato chips and pickles at the Augusta Classic, they didn't find that I took any money from them. I, Charles Walker, was acquitted...

Unique twists on classic mac-n-cheese guaranteed to please

...walk you through three ways to up the ante. Want to keep it simple?How about a crunchy-salty topping of crushed potato chips? Or maybe you're looking for a little spice in your life. Our Midwestern take combines jalapenos and smoked paprika...

ACA benefits are hogwash

...are the applications for food stamps at an all-time high?Recently I witnessed a woman paying for candy, soda, potato chips and ice cream with an EBT card. I was shocked when she loaded them into a late-model luxury car. The reason so...

You Remembered: Broad Street

...S, Kress food counter, By George's Hot Dogs (six for a quarter) the Chicken Stix restaurant, Heos Candy and Potato Chips and Home Folks with its papers, magazines and tobacco products, where the men hung out. Then, we would see Gardelle's...

25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I'd Be Happy to Receive

...areaEvery area has an unusual local food item or two, like Cheerwine soda in the South Carolina area or Sterzing's potato chips in the southeast Iowa area. It is always fun to try these local favorites, particularly if you're not from that...

Wine Time: Bolla Prosecco NV, Italy

...enjoy Prosecco. It matches about anything, from appetizers to seafood to pasta to grilled meat to fried chicken and potato chips. It's also great with desserts.We enjoyed this wine so much we finished it long before we could get to dinner.

Wine Time: Zin-Phomaniac 2012, Lodi

...ordinary midweek dinners. We paired the Zin-Phomaniac with an all-American dinner of Sloppy Joe sandwiches and potato chips. Perfecto.Sloppy Joes lean a bit toward beer pairings, because of the spices, but the Zin-Phomanic handled them...

Maybe silence goes better with veggies

...There were no snacks in our house unless you happened to find some carrots in the refrigerator.We didn't have potato chips or cookies. Best I could do was snack on dry breakfast cereal during a TV cartoon binge.Somewhere in the early 1960s...

Rethink school lunches

...sourcing products that meet the new requirements. Others have made dubious menu changes, such as adding pudding and potato chips to conform to minimum calorie requirements, or removing popular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to avoid exceeding...