United Airlines is improving first class meal offerings in push to win over business travelers

...replacing snacks with full meals on some of its shortest flights.The changes, announced Thursday, mean that instead of potato chips, chocolate chip cookies and bananas, passengers on flights of at least 800 miles will get meals such as chicken and...

Wine Time: Zin-Phomaniac 2012, Lodi

...ordinary midweek dinners. We paired the Zin-Phomaniac with an all-American dinner of Sloppy Joe sandwiches and potato chips. Perfecto.Sloppy Joes lean a bit toward beer pairings, because of the spices, but the Zin-Phomanic handled them...

Lay's newest flavor: Cappuccino?

...But it also reflects how Frito-Lay is trying to keep up with changing tastes, with its ever-evolving lineup of potato chips now including several Hispanic flavors. Later this month, it also plans to roll out Lay's Stax chips in a Korean...

Wine Time: Cherry Tart Pinot Noir 2012, California

...is a versatile wine that would go well with a lot of picnic food such as fried chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, potato chips and even hot dogs. I think it would be great with traditional Pinot Noir food as well, such as lamb, duck, turkey...

Maybe silence goes better with veggies

...There were no snacks in our house unless you happened to find some carrots in the refrigerator.We didn't have potato chips or cookies. Best I could do was snack on dry breakfast cereal during a TV cartoon binge.Somewhere in the early 1960s...

Makers of multi-flavored kettle-cooked potato chips making market inroads

...in 1983. Within three years, Bob's Texas Style Potato Chips were selling well enough that the brothers sold their...68 percent share of the salty-snacks market. "For potato chips, there's Frito-Lay and everybody else. They're...

Doctor traces additive damage

...still gives in to his craving for potato chips and french fries, but only grudgingly...foods such as french fries and potato chips. It may be caused by the heat...wouldn't go out eating in the same day potato chips and french fries and a lot of breads...

New chips laced with herbs to promote well-being

WASHINGTON -- There was a time when potato chips were just potato chips, their greasy crunch leaving the snacker with an aftertaste of delicious guilt. No more. A new kind of...

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FDA finds highly variable levels of worrisome chemical in foods

ADELPHI, Md. -- Popular U.S. brands of potato chips and french fries contain highly variable levels of a...acrylamide levels. In tests of 25 bags of Lay's Classic Potato Chips, only two bags came back with the exact same level...

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Business briefs

...firm, only 17 percent admitted they routinely nosh on potato chips and other snacks. But that figure fails to square with...give up butter on their mashed potatoes. They will eat potato chips at a party, but skip lunch." IT ADDS UP Business...